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Chameleon's 2nd Grow~Soil~T5/CFL/400W HPS~Bagseed & Mazar Clone


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Well ladies and gents, I told ya I'd be back and here I am.

This is gonna be a double grow I guess you could say, I'm gonna be trying a CFL SCrog with Bag seed and also a couple of Mazar Clones in a Different area.

Specifics ~

Strain = Bagseed & Mazar

Medium = Earth-gro Potting soil, Perlite, Cow Manure, and Constuction Sand

Lighting = 4 23W CFL (bagseed) 2ft T5HO 8 bulb fixture[Veg]/400 W HPS [flower](Mazar)

Nutes = Fox Farm Soil Series

Space = 2ft x 2ft x 8ft closet (Mazar) 2'6"x1'8"x3' Box I built (bagseed)

Misc = Liquid PH tester, Ph up and Ph down, Tap water left out 24 hours

I should be receiving my Mazar clones sometime soon! I already have about 9 bag seeds germinating using the paper towel method in my dresser. I couldn't wait till they popped to start my journal :439: I'll post pics in the next couple days of the new setups. I'm gonna be trying to use a SCrog method on the bagseed but I have no screen as of now so depending on a couple of factors I have a screen of string that I'm building up right now that I will most likely put into my box... Hopefully I can find some extra chicken wire laying around cause that would be so much easier and would probably work a hell of alot better ;)

I think that is it as of now so... If not Ill put another post up

Stay Greeeeeeennnnn Everyone!!!!

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Re: Chameleon's 2nd Grow~Soil~T5/CFL/400W HPS~Bagseed & Mazar Clone~

Alright, well post some pics so we can see this set up. Sounds like u got creative with a 2x2 space. Good luck and may all of ur bastard, bagseed, orphans be girls. That was my attempt at humor, didn't mean any harm, lol. :peace:


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Re: Chameleon's 2nd Grow~Soil~T5/CFL/400W HPS~Bagseed & Mazar Clone~

alright chameleon1, I've been waiting for this grow to get going...... keep us updated =)


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Sigh.... No Clones yet.... I gave up on the bagseed.... Because I figure no point in wasting the time and money for something that I don't even know how good its gonna be....

I'll post pics of the setup and eveything once I get my clones....

O and by the way I'm gonna use CFL's through Veg still but I'm switching to a 250W HPS to try and help control heat.....


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YAYYYYY!!!! Clones came in yesterday!!!! :cool027::smokin::bong:

Just gave em some plain PH'd tap water they have been at 18/6 since they were cloned so I'm gonna leave them at that instead of going 24/0...

They look beautiful so far!!!!

Well here we go... Updates every couple of days :roorrip:

Here is some pics :rollit:



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Day 2 of Flowering

Well my 2 babies are in the second day of flowering!!! I have the 250W HPS up and it is like a SUN :yummy:

I still have them on normal veg nutes for now.... However they are getting moved onto flowering nutes at the end of the week!!!

Heat is an issue so far but not to the point where they will fry...

Question... Will they mature and bud faster if i put them on 10 hours on and 14 hours off? I'm kinda cutting it close... I move out in mid December so ya ha ha any input would be appreciated Thanks


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^^ Thanks for stopping by!!! The larger one actually just got moved into that pot probably about 15 minutes prior to the picture. When I did the transplant everything was bright white and the pots were one whole complete root mass! My plants have moved to a friends as I have moved back in with mother. They are in great care and I'm looking at about at mid December Harvest. I will still update this journal periodically with pictures. I'm gonna try for potm or botm after harvest we'll see!!!!


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THey're lookin good. U may want to consider transplanting the larger plant to a larger pot. WHen was the last time u checked the root mass? Take a look if u know how to with out disturbing the roots too much. Bright, white roods are good indicators of a healthy plant.

ditto, and if you decide to transplant, put a plastic bag over the plant. During transplanting dirt and perlite with stick to the buds, but if you just place a plastic bag over it temporarily and tie it at the stem you will transplant with out having to spend an hour pickin perlite outta your buds like i had to my first grow lol

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