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This will be my 2nd grow and better equipped this time with a proper tent, fans, carbon filter and two led lights.
Hope you enjoy the ride!

Bucket Size - half gallon at the moment but I'll be moving into 5 gallon pots in a week or so.

Tent - 80x80×180

Medium - Canna Terra professional soil

Lights - 1 300w led + 1 600w led

Nutrients - nitrosol original blood and bone liquid, terra Flores, flairform bud storm.

Strain - northern lights

# of Plants: 2

I'll be uploading pictures of my set up just as soon as it is set up, just have ducting to buy.
Seeds are currently germinating so wish me luck!
Edit - little cheeky photo of the tent. I know I'm needing ducting and that's not the final position of the tent so it won't just be blowing onto the wall.


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Little girls have poked through! Going to germinate a third seed because I think I've got enough space in there for three 5 gal pots. So the third has just been in a cup of water for a while and is now in the old paper towel.
Nothing too exciting just yet apart from I'm loving the new set up so much more convenient.
I bought another 100mm inline fan just to get the air moving around at the bottom of the tent and also chunks of perlite for when these babies go into the 5 gals for a bit of air at the bottom.


10 days later and a mini white fly infestation (that is still being dealt with) here are the girls.

I'm hoping the leaf washing and neem oiling makes these girls a bit happier. I am thinking those brown spots are the lights on the neem oil that i need to watch! I'm having more problems this time then I did before, must've been beginners luck!
Happy smoking one and all!



bit of a back story, I started to get lots of white flys in my tent so i decided I'd wipe down the leaves and give a good dowsting of water and neem oil. Fast forward 4 days and this is the result.
I figure maybe too much neem oil on the leaves and the light has burnt the leaf slightly or the whiteflys are having their fill.
I've got two leds one 300w one 600w around 24 inches away from the plants
Humidity is around 50-60% and I dropped the heat down to around 20 degrees to slow reproduction of little whiteys and I've hung a big yellow sticky sheet up for the bugs to live on. Should i just ride it out and keep applying neem oil or do i need to take more drastic measures? Any information would be sweet boys and girls


So the girls are just hating their lives. Neem oil has worked to get rid of the spider mites which I'm very happy about. I then trimmed off the half munched leaves (I assumed the plant would be using energy to fix the dying leaves) and repotted them into their forever homes but they don't seem too happy.
They look like the leaves are getting neut burns but I haven't fed them any neutrients it's all a mystery to me.
The tent has been as high as 29 degrees but that was only the once. Does anyone have any incite?


Feel like I'm talking to myself here slightly but it's good to keep track of what's going on wheyo.
Anyway, after the initial influx of bugs and what I think was the lights too close/too much heat and not enough circulation of air I managed to fixed my issues and the girls are back on track

I imagine they've been slightly dwarfed by their hard up bringing being nearly 3 weeks old now and autoflowers I'm not expecting a crazy yield but it's all fun and games non the less.
I feel like I'm getting somewhere now! Still havent started any nutes. I did drop another seed in water just to get a little cycle on the go!
Have a nice Sunday people!


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So on the four week Mark since they popped out of the soil, they're much happier than before! Getting some nice hairs on the bigger girl, the smaller one is taking slightly longer to move to the next stage.

All in all I'm pretty stoked that me and these girls managed to work things out pretty hit and miss for a while but now we are on the way!
Couple of piccys for the boys n gals
I also just started LST a little late I know but didn't think they'd still be alive now.


9 short days and I'll do my next instalment. Started feeding pretty much after the last update with just an 1/8ish of recommended for the first feed then a 1/4 for the last feed, no burnt tips yet so all good. Seems the food I've been giving the girls has been working and the LST has given me a nice canopy to work with.
I planted a new girl and out of 7 seeds so far I've only managed to make 2 (possibly 3) grow. Not overly impressed with the seeds but maybe it's something I'm doing wrong.

One strange thing to note is the nodes on the smaller plant are so compact it's hard to train her she will probably stretch in the coming weeks though.


12 days from my last update my big girl is now near enough 3 weeks into flower and going very strong. She's twice the size of my last plants even at this early stage. We had a ropey start and I wasn't expecting much but theyre making me proud right now. Apologies for the crappy pictures too it's so dark and dingy in my room and I don't want to risk the neighbours having a peek.
So here is biggie

And here is smalls

Planted on the same day but old smalls did have a rough up bringing so a delay is to be expected I suppose.
All in all I'm pretty stoked, we have a long way to go and I know things can go wrong even in the last few weeks so wish me luck!
Hope all is well in your world.

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Hey brother, glad to see u pulled it off! Beautiful ladies, great yield. Great job man
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