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Charlton Officers Testify In Federal Pot-Growing Case

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Three Baker County men were in federal court recently to answer to charges they were growing marijuana in Charlton County.

J.N. Canaday, David Stokes and Row Rhoden, all with Baxter, Florida addresses, were arrested back in September and nearly $2 million in marijuana confiscated in the Moccasin Creek area of Charlton County.

Charlton County Drug Investigator Clay Burnsed and federal officers from the Fish and Wildlife Service appeared before a Savannah federal grand jury in December to testify about their investigation.

Charged with manufacturing marijuana, Canaday and Stokes were arrested near the grow sites in Georgia.

Rhoden was arrested later, on the same charges, at his workplace in Florida by Investigator Burnsed and a Baker County deputy.

He was brought back to Georgia after his arrest.

The trio is currently being held on federal indictment charges by the U.S. Marshal's office.

Sheriff Dobie Conner's office is continuing its crackdown on illegal activity around a south county mud pit.

In early December, his office conducted two separate roadblocks at the intersection of Georgia Highways 121 and 185 at the stateline south of Saint George.


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