Charly's 4th Grow - G13 Haze Soctober 2011


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Organic Indoor Grow. Barney's Farm G13 Haze Feminized.

I've been looking for a mainly Sativa strain to grow in a really height-challenged grow room. There's a furnace and basically a crawl space where you can store things - the crawl space is where I put my crop.

Anyway, I planted the seeds a week ago. They were harder to germinate than I would have thought. One came up in two days, another barely broke the surface on the third day and the rest were MIA.

I thought I buried them too deep so I gently removed the top surface of the soil. One had sprouted, one had just barely broken its seed pod and the last was nowhere to be found. It looked like it had just vanished. Abducted by aliens, in all likelyhood.

Anyway, they have all finally started to grow. Pictures below.



Hey Twelve,

Thanks for following. I didn't know that about sativa seeds. Also they seem smaller than indica seeds.

My setup is embarassingly minimalist. A friend lent me a 400W ballast and transformer. He also had an extra MH lamp and I bought a HPS lamp for myself. I also have a fan with a carbon filter to keep the smell down.

For vegging I use Botanicare and for flowering I use Advanced Nutrients. I also use blackstrap molasses throughout the entire lifecycle.

The "soil" is some kind of peat moss and perlite mix. Not sure exactly what it is. My friend buys it in these huge bales and gives me a hamper full whenever I need it.

My first grow was four plants of different strains, and my last two have been five plants of different strains. Five plants under a small valence is definitely a challenge.

This is my first single strain grow. I'm glad in a way that I will only have to manage four plants. The seed that the aliens abducted, they are welcome to, and proves they have an advanced civilization.

The girls were a bit stretchy and the biggest one looked like it might fall over. I shored it up with a little extra soil, and now the stems are getting thicker.

They're looking good and I'll post some more pictures in a couple of days.
Nothing wrong being minimalistic. As long as you'll get great buds in the end. Where did you get the hps bulb, and brand? Overheard some conversation on some customers talking about G13 at the hydrostore, and the sign on the door said not to discuss anything about Cannabis related, funny stuff. The customer was raving about how great it is, might have to try that out now seeing you're growing some.

Looking forward to some pixs!
Hey Twelve,

The lamp I have is a 400W Hortilux Super HPS. I got it from a local grow shop run by bikers. I can't tell you the name, otherwise they'd have to kill you!

You need a special ballast and a transformer to run HID lamps. I don't remember the price for the lamp, but it was in the $100 range. I did a couple of searches for bulbs and found some Amazon affiliates that sell a complete package of transformer, ballast, reflector, 400W MH bulb, 400W HPS bulb AND timer for between $150 to $200. I'm not sure of the quality, but it soumds like an easy way to get started.

Back to my grow. Here are some more pictures:

Latest Pictures of the Kids


Dr. Evil's Chamber


The Twisted Creatures That Live Within


And now for the dirty little secret.

Welcome to the Jungle!


The kids spend half their time in Dr. Evil's Chamber and half the time in the Jungle.

I've been hoping my last grow would finish but it still needs some more time. The trichomes were well-developed on one side of my crop but because of their size, I couldn't get decent light on the other side. Now, I've turned the plants around and am trying to ripen the other side. This is the 12th week of flowering for these babes. I swapped out the MH lamp for the HPS lamp. At first I started with 12/12, but am now using 16/8 so that the babies will get enough growing light. The chamber is a pathetic 25W fluorescent bulb which is equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb. I've been wanting to find a 250W equivalent CFL bulf for germination and vegging but haven't found one yet.



P.S. I saw your grow journal. Perpetual grow - means never having to say "I'm sorry (I'm out of weed)".
Hortilux Super HPS sounds great. I still need to get quality bulb right now using local hardware hps. The flowering plants looks great. What strains are those? Yeah, it's best to wait till they are ripe enough for harvest. I've done a lot of early harvests in my days, and still have the urge to even today so let them go extra mile will be worth it.

Perpetual is great! Highly recommended to all.
Hey Twelve,

Thanks for the feedback. Here are the latest pictures of the girls - 12 days since they were potted. There's something mesmerizing about seedlings. I think they use mind control to get us to grow them.









As far as the Jungle, the crop consists of 2 Jack Herrar, White Domina, Afrodite, and White Widow.

Here are a couple of pictures of the buds. Friday will be 12 weeks of flowering and I will starting the harvest then.

Just Before Harvest (White Domina)


Budlicious !!! (Jack Herrar)

Just transplanted the babies to bigger pots. I've moved the seedlings to the laundry room and the last crop are in the grow room (furnace room actually) drying out.

I'll let the last crop dry out for a week, then I'll harvest them.

Afterwards, I'll move the seedlings back to the grow room.

Here are some pictures following the transplant. Let me know what you think!!!





Thanks for your comments, Twelve!

I can't believe how big they're getting. They grow like weeds. (Bet that's the first time anyone has heard that.)

I've only grown indica-domina strains before. This is my fist sativa. The blurb says they're supposed to stay under 3 feet and I'm hoping to keep them small.

I topped them yesterday and fertilized them today. Here are the latest pictures. They are one day shy of three weeks old.



Thanks, Twelve.

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but they're about 18" from the light. I don't want to put them any closer because I'm afraid the leaves might burn.

At first, I kept them far apart, so that no leaf was touching another, but with their size it was hard to keep them all in the strongest light. Now I've smooshed them all together. "Let them fight for the light," as a friend would say.

I think I read somewhere that sativas don't need lots of nutes. I typically tend to overfert, but this time I've been giving them nutes about every six days.

I'm trying to turn them into bushes so I've cut the tops off after every second node. Hope it works.

Here's the latest picture.

Thanks for the comments, Twelve!

I'm going to repot them in a couple of days. I just havested my last crop and now the grow room is free.

Here's a picture of the harvest.

Is anyone good at guessing weight? Maybe someone who has worked at a carnival?

I don't have a scale, so if anyone wants to venture a guess, chime in!

The jars are mostly full, but a few are 3/4 full. (Most of the jars are 24 oz. or 750 ml.)

nice setup so far!, I myself really really rally want to get a hold of some barneys farm g13 haze seeds! such sexy looking colas!
can wait to see how these ladies turn out! def keep them updates comming!!

another set of pics should be about due anytime now?? right?? lol

stay up broham!
Sorry for the Hiatus

Thanks for your comments Twelve12 and preprodigy!

First, let me apologize to my legion of fans. My computer was hit with a really nasty virus a couple of weeks ago. I tried everything I could imagine to get rid of it, but no luck. I finally lost my Internet connection. I went back to an older computer, but that one lasted only a couple of days before the hard disk crashed.

I wiped the computer with the virus and had to reinstall the operating system, a couple of service packs and all the programs I lost. Sorry for the rant, but I think there should be a special place in Hell for the bastards that make them.

On a lighter note, I've started the flower cycle a couple of days ago. The plants are starting to smell so I'll have to turn on the carbon filter soon. I've read that these babies have a strong odor. Reminds me of a message I saw the other day on a package of pickled tofu noodles:

"Rinse thoroughly to reduce the authentic aroma!"

Even though they're on 12/12, I haven't switched from HPS to MH. I want to see if I can fatten up some of the lower shoots. I've done some pruning, but I'm going to have to do a lot more soon. It's beginning to look like a forest.



By the way, if it's not clear from the picture, there are just four plants. I've been pruning them into bushes to keep their height down as my grow space has a low ceiling.

I promise there won't be any more long delays between my posts. Keep the faith!

P.S. preprodigy, you mentioned that you were interested in this particular strain. Here's my take on it so far. The seeds were really small compared to Indica strains and took a little longer to germinate. Once they got going, however they were monsters. I've had to stake my previous crops because the stalks weren't that strong, but these babies have corrugated stalks.

They've definitely used Evolution to their benefit. The skinny is that these can be kept to a height of three feet, which is why I bought them. The plants are six weeks old and the genetics and the pruning have kept them to a manageable height.
I was going to wait until this weekend to trim the ladies, but they were crowding each other too much. The leaves were so thick that the lower parts of the plants got almost no light.

I trimmed them a couple of days ago and the upper fan leaves were still blocking most of the light, so I trimmed them again yesterday. I reduced the total leaf mass by about 70%!
Here are the results:




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