cheap carbon filter - no pics. easy and pretty pro


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First and foremost, I could have purchased at least 4 filters with the amount of money I spent trying to save money by doing several diy filters. I've built one that works and is cheap n easy, with materials that are easy to acquire.
What you needs
2 x cans (dog food, coffee, long life juice, etc)
Aluminum fly screen size determined by above.( needs to be metal I think but could be done with plastic or fibreglass..maybe. Up to you)
Pop rivit gun (most important tool) I picked up one for $8 that had rivets included.
Drill, to suit rivet size acquired( no drill? Think about the many ways you've drilled a shot hole in a bong and apply)
Carbon grain.
Stanley knife and straight edge.
Cutting tool for the cans(i had a power tool but could use a hack saw, Swiss army knife, tin snips etc.
The operation starts with the selection of cans. This dictates the size of your filter. Each can should be at least 4 inches in length. Diameter is dependent on your fan size. Your small diameter can is best to be one of those pull top designs, while your outer can one of those classic pop top cheap coffee tins as they have a r looking for 2 tins that will give 1cm gap between their diameter.
Cut your tins into three parts.
Base, middle support and open end.
Drill 4 90 degree holes in each of the above parts.(Your rivits will go here)
Wrap your fly screen around the top of inner tin and secure with pop rivet.(overlap) position middle support and lock in. Before securing bottom drill hole in middle as this will be used to rivet the outer to the inner. Repeat above process with outer tin.At the end of this you should have 2 cylinders. Pull pantyhose over middle/inner cylinder( fly screen will leak fine grain carbon) use pop rivet to secure bottom inner to bottom outer.if you have picked the right cans you should have a very small area in which you can start tipping the carbon into.also need pantyhose on the outer.little tip it's best to fold the edges of your fly screen before the above as they tend to catch on the pantyhose causing rips.easy
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