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Hobos Bandaid

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I need some advice. i dont want weed to change who i am in a negative light. i want it to do positive for me. regs or exotics (i prefer high quality, of course but...). anyway, i have a frail mind, im very impressionistic, i love rolling a perfect blunt, i love holding it, i love the culture (hemp and what not), i love everything about marijuana. heres the thing, last time i smoked, i got really stoned off some regs and i started worrying to myself when the high was at its death rattle, so i just reminded myself that its just the weed talking, then i fell asleep hehe.

ummm, so, maybe i should lay off the regs? maybe i should just stop and let my mind dictate just another thing i cant do normally?

i felt like i was gonna lose myself, the next day, now im feeling much better but i dont know, im so moody and analytic and critical and harsh and scared and nervous and vulnerable at all times, etc. i dont know what to do, i really dont wanna stop. my logic was that through repetition maybe i can get over the blues and negative cognition. i really dont wanna give it up, ive got some people to look for, for advice but you guys are my 3rd group/people/individuals that i come to, so help me out, thanx in advance.


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Couple of things, and a main point: First, what was your personality like before smoking herb relative to the problems you talked about?

It may not be the case for you, but I've had a number of friends who were genuine, natural a-holes when not stoned. Not because they were addicted to bud but because that's how they're wired when sober. There are many other conditions than a-hole, too...I tend to be seriously stressed and anxious myself...leads to the a-hole thing among other fun...I was that way for years before the herb, and revert when off. Not because I'm addicted, just going back to what is sadly natural. Might something similar be at work in your case?

Second, if you have the option to go 'top shelf', 'high-grade', whatever you wanna call it, DO IT! Leave the bag-weed in the past if at all possible (not everyone can...if not, bless you...still usually much better than nothing).

I recently got my license, and even the 'crap' top-shelf bud out there is WAAAY better than pretty much any bag weed I've had in many years of smoking...including what you might think of as 'street top shelf'.

There is seriously orders of magnitude difference between bag and top shelf bud. Also, with top shelf, you're more assured that what you're smoking is clean and safe. Who knows where bag weed comes from or what happens to it during cultivation, processing, smugg...you get the idea.

Ever had 2000-flushes weed? No, I'm not kidding. Smelled JUST like that...or how 'bout some sad buds that spent time in a gas tank? Even when it's less nasty than those examples, there's really no way of telling with bag weed what you're taking in in addition to the Cannabis. Professionally-grown top shelf bud is less likely to have pesticides, heavy metal contamination, etc. Credit where it's due: paid or not, there are LOTS of pro growers around us here. Much to be learned in the growing room!

Back to the point, the other advantage of top shelf product is you can choose what you're smoking: Indica, Sativa or varying hybrids. If you have issues with paranoia or anxiety while high/coming down, you may want to check out some primarily or straight Indica strains - more of a body high, they tend (for many) to be more calming and relaxing than the 'head high' from Sativas - nothing wrong with Sats, but in some users they trigger anxiety and paranoia. If you're one of those...welcome to the wonderful world of Indicas and hybrids! Worth a shot, IMO.

Do bear in mind in all of this that I am NOT a medical professional of ANY type. The best thing is to be able to sit down with a good doctor who knows herb, pharma and your medical history. Discuss the matter with him or her. Your health matters.

That brings me to the main point: the most important thing in all this is YOUR quality of life. At the end of the day, does herb add to or subtract from your overall quality of life? The whole point is for it to add good things to your life. On the balance, does it do that? The answer to that question ought to tell you whether it's time to quit or not.

Either way, I wish you all the best! Thanks for posting. You seem to have gotten me thinking, at least. I hope this helps.


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I can only speak from personal experience however my brother and I used to smoke every single day. I started smoking weed regularly after 5 years of being in and out of hospitals and intensive outpatient programs for severe depression. I had been on a slue of anti-depressants, sleep aids, and also xanax or klonopin, switching back and forth. I ended up being in a much worse place after the five years of pharmaceuticals than I was originally. I smoke everyday and find that I am a completely happy and well adjusted member of society, gaining two degrees from Rowan University.
This being said my experience is not the same as my brothers. We grew up together bestfriends, similiar in every single way, however after years of us smoking pot he began to find himself becoming completely depressed. It can be seen how people who are genetically similar can have completely different reactions to the same product. To further the Idea my mother still smokes, yet my dad had found the same thing to be true as my brother, his anxieties were exacerbated by the marijuana, and in my case it was alleviated.

Now that I normalized this behavior for you, I know you are looking for advice on how to better you situation. Definitely the idea of switching to a better weed may be a good option. However I would tell you that you might want to think about how you are smoking. When smoking a blunt you possibly are smoking entirely too much weed for yourself. I personally am all glass( love my Jerome Baker), and the occasional joint for social purposes, I find this a much easier way to regulate your high and hopefully create a better control of your emotions.

And everybody please remember!!! Marijuana is Medicine

Hobos Bandaid

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well, um, im at a trascending period of my life, going from wanting to tune out the world to wanting to come back to it. i feel more self assured after smoking that regular, but my quality of mental health is always gonna be flimsy, thats how real it is. i just gotta make the right moves here. i think these 2 last times smoking herb kinda did exactly what i want it to, change my personality from uptght, to relaxed. now, its not like an instant personality change, i know myself to see that.

i dont know man. after talking with my therapist my ideas of just smoking the herb and taking the negatives untill they eventually fade isnt so exciting anymore, cuz that would take so much time and so many hard hits ( figuretivly and literaly =) and etc. i wanted to be ur typical movie stoner, like the dude from that movie where some kids try to cheat the S.A.T's, just like funny and laid back, not serious. but thats the movies, i gotta do whats good for me. so as of right now and onward ima be more of a responsible smoker (paying close attention to my mental health.. taking only the best i can get, respecting my household, and just having fun.

i would go more into this, focusing on your questions more but i gotta go do something, maybe ill edit it later, i dont know. i gotta shower, so peace and love man!
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