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Cheech & Chong Confirm That 'Up In Smoke 2' Is On The Way


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I received an email from a reader named Brandon tonight linking to a YouTube interview with legendary stoners Cheech and Chong talking about all things geek, movies, and, well, Cheech and Chong. But at one point (about 1:02 in) they talk briefly about what they've got coming up for movies and Chong says there's three things: a concert movie, out on 4/20, called Hey Watch This! (pre-order on Amazon); an animated feature, "a bunch of those" Chong says (not just one movie), but the first one will get released "sometime after 4/20"; and lastly, they reveal that "we're also working on a movie movie, Up in Smoke 2." Hell yes!

They both go on to joke that they're going to call the sequel "Avatar 2: Escape from Guantanamo," which doesn't really make sense, but whatever. The big news coming from this interview is that their are a "bunch" of animated movies on the way, as they're just animated sequences of clips from their old stand up shows, so they have plenty to pull from. The other big news is that they are apparently working on a sequel to Up in Smoke, which I would say is the most popular of the Cheech and Chong stoner movies. I'm sure this has been rumored for years, but this is the first time we've heard either of them mention it. Heard anything?

The original Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke, released in September of 1978, is the infamous stoner movie that first introduced Cheech and Chong to the world. It was actually a fairly big success, too, earning around $44 million total (which was impressive for the time). The plot follows "two stoners" who take a van made entirely out of marijuana from Mexico to LA. Sure, I know they followed that up with plenty of other movies that could be called sequels, but I think they want to make a direct sequel or a "revisit them 35 years later" kind of thing. Who knows? But I can't wait to see it. Glad to see Cheech and Chong back in action! Agree?

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Hell yes i agree..lol,, Talk about full circle. :roorrip:


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Absolutely! :popcorn: I had a front-row-center seat for Up In Smoke in 1978. What with all the weed we :cool027: and every one else were smoking I'm surprised anybody in the back of the theater could even SEE the screen, although I suppose they'd have been too stoned to care.....:439::yahoo:
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