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Cheers to all,

Live in LOS and new to growing but had great success on my first attempt using "autos" indoors, seed from NL. Extremely powerful and lovely tasting Pineapple Kush. Currently have a few regular feminine Thai Sativa growing outdoors (first for me) looking very good so far a few months into veg stage. Seed stock "Buddha" 100% Sativa, Thai genetics from NL. Anyway look forward to learning and maybe contributing.


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Welcome to :420: bernie :welcome:

Great to have you join us here at the best site for promoting cannabis awareness to fight prohibition worldwide.

You must be growing some pretty big girls vegging for a few months. Looking forward to seeing your grow results. For some tips on using and navigating this site you might want to check out the New Member Start Links thread. And try FAQs if you have any questions.
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