Chem bomb auto Northern lights auto


Starting a new run 3 Humboldt seeds Chem bomb autos and 2 Northern lights autos 3 gallon fabric pots canna coco amended with worm castings and 444 284 gaia green dry amendments at 70 /30 mix and a little perlite
I germinated the seeds in tap water in a shot glass for 24 hours before planting directly into the soil mix 2 days later all 3 Chem bombs are standing 3 Inches over soul and the Northern are just poking out of the soil.
Temp 71f rh 55% and holding steady
5x5 tent roi 420 led light 6 inch ac infinite exhaust

Tokin Roll

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Ahh, trying to sneak in a grow journal on me. :19:

It sounds like you are off to a good start @Smalls781
Have you grown before? Any images?

Stay safe, and grow well my friend,

Tok.. :bong:
Yes I have grow a few times before never these varieties. Pic from yesterday 3 in front are Chem bomb 2 back corners are Northern lights can't really see them in the pics but they are just poking through the soil in there.


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