Chem Dog

Scott Wheelman

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Strain Name: Chem Dawg

From: Trinity Gardens Collective

When: August 2010

Grade: A++

Type: Hybrid

Price: $160/half oz.

Looks: Light greenish-gold nuggets with some orange-red hairs. Very thickly coated in crystals.

Smell: Fresh greens/with citrus mixed in.

Taste: Smooth and sour...strong citrus flavor, with minimal expansion - lulls you into taking BIG hits.

Buzz Type: Provided an excellent combination of body and cerebral buzz that hit hard after just 2 nice bong rips. I added a few more and had to stop working on things requiring detailed thought or complicated processes.

Buzz Length: Long – the buzz lasted for around 2+ hours.

Best Medicinal Use: General relaxation of mind and body, muscle pain relief, and insomnia.

Overall: An excellent sample of Chem Dawg - could definitely tell there was a strong relation to OG Kush and Sour Diesel in the flavor. The buzz was a great medicating mind and body high. Took care of muscle/joint aches and gave me a serious case of the munchies...while leaving my brain in a fog! While searching for the “ceiling” on this strain, I found MAJOR couch lock instead. Great for insomnia. I’d put this one in the top 5 for strength, when compared to the other medical strains I’ve had.








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Funny u would say FOG.AS rite at present i have a cross of the chemdawg91 x Mandarin fog.It is called FOG DOG .LOL really a aggressive growing plant.3 weeks in DWC an is branching an is 6 inches tall already.But seeing i can't post att.can't show.baaaa.well stay safe an smoke on.

Scott Wheelman

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420 Staff
From: River Valley Collective

When:Dec 2010

Looks: More open with brighter red hairs than the batch I got from Trinity Gardens in Aug 2010.

Smell, taste, and effects were all the same as the last batch of Chem Dog I had. This strain has become a favorite for the nights I need something "really strong" for pain or insomnia. My wife commented that it has a strong acidic or chemical smell.








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I just got 5 chem dog x cocoa kush beans from Sannie's shop as freebies......Never tried chem but really like cocoa kush I've got know...

thanks for the smoke report 420Cyclist....those trich's are sick!!!!


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Chemdawg provides a very relaxing and cerebral high. A popular medical strain that is usually available throughout California collectives. Chemdawg is the rumored parent of OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

Chemdog is known to be an effective for a number of medical conditions, including Deep muscle and joint pains, Mood disorders glaucoma, Anxious or restless behaviors, Nausea and Movement disorders.


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dang... chem dawg is probably my favorite, aswell as other variations that have chem dawg in them. however, in my opinion, this review does not describe the chem dawg that i like to smoke.... there should not be a fruity smell in your chem dawg. if it smells like fruit, you likely got a cross of some kind. which im sure is still good, but not true chem dawg. the chem dawg smell WILL kill any other smell within a 25 foot radius. (read: you will smell nothing else, including fruit. except the PUNGENT burning smell of chem dawg)

my take on "CHEM DAWG" at first smell, i thought "chemicals".... is that where it gets the "diesel" or "petrol" descriptions from? reminds me of pepper-spray, i can feel the burn just smelling it. a very unique smell... so unique, i can smell its lineage in other variations.... also has a very distinct color, like lime-neon camouflage, looks like it could glow in the dark, should only have a few orange/brown hairs, neon-lime is the predominant color. all of the chem dawg i have seen is much lighter in color than pictured in this thread.... (see avatar)

the taste is just like the smell.... feels like you just smoked a can of pepper spray! and you will choke like you just took a big huff of spray, but not until about the time you exhale, that is when it goes to work on your lungs. if you did it right, you should be coughing for the next 10 minutes. you may wet yourself, or yak. its brutal! lol.... but I LOVE IT!!!

the overall impression i get from this strain is pure POTENCY! its as if you concentrated the skunky smell, and taste of bud X 20 = Chem Dawg. the pleasant, sweet smell of skunk is GONE. instead you have this beast of a bud. everything in this strain screams EXTREME! the smell, taste, color, and of course the high.

not trying to jack a thread or pick on the guy who reviewed this strain, but hopefully my comments help folks to understand how unique this plant is.....


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Just dropped a bunch of chem dawg under the lights this week. The smell is crazy potent! The girls were in my trunk for the ride home and they stunk up the whole car! I'll post some photos in a couple of weeks.


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Have a few ChemDawgs under the light right now they are about 19 days into flower and are already showing they are going to be some fat girls . Already have some of her offshoots in the bullpen and are just waiting for the call . By that time they should be the perfect size to over grow they tray .:439:


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I'm looking for some help with my ChemDawg #4. This is my first grow. I came across the seeds and figured why not.

Anywho... she's now in the flowering stages. I'm looking for some experienced grow advice.

I'm feeling like this one plant in particular is ready for a two week flush? What are your thoughts. I was really hoping her buds were going to be bigger. What's up with the what's up?
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