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Chemdawg 15 Gallon Pot


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I have a chemdawg plant in a 15 gallon pot of Black and Gold she is in her 2nd week of flowering and has had a few yellow leaves but is progressing over time... I have added nitrogen multiple time so that is not the problem. Thought it was manganese or iron so I just bought some bioAg tm-7 2days ago and have been foliar spraying them...today I fed them some golden tree potassium. I have added cal mag as well that doesn't seem the issue help nice plant I don't want to lose her I run the general hydroponics line of nuts..let me know what you think the issue is... I WILL BE UPLOADING A BUNCH SO STAY TUNED PLEASE:) 6 plants 6 different strains..


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Beasty wow looks like shes just hungry or could just be time to loose some leafs im a new grower so maybe someones elses opinion will help lookin nice tho!!!


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Those are looking just fine PermaF. Your plants yellowing means that it is sucking up the sugar stored in them leaves. And sometimes the cold weather will also cause them to yellow a bit too.
I'm your case I see nothing wrong only they are doing what they are supposed to do. Once the leaves turn yellow I remove them. Also don't waste your time with nutes at this point. I at one time thought the same thing as you a nute problem. Tried everything and they just kept yellowing. But now I know.
You Tube has some good advice on leaves yellowing also. But in your case that's what they are supposed to do. Good luck and I'll post a pic of mine and you can see the yellowing of the leaves!
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