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Chemdawg, White Rhino, Super Bud

Thinking of my next grow and have to choose one of three strains to grow from Greenhouse seeds (Chemdawg, White Rhino, Super Bud)...all great choices and will grow them all eventually, anyone grow these and which ones would you prefer?


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I have not grown them but have grown other Greenhouse strains. Super Bud was on sale a few years back. That means it didn't fly off the shelves for some reason. With the other 2 other options I would give it a pass for now.
I expect both the other strains to be strong. Chemdawg would get the nod for flavor. The White Rhino will probable produce more. Plus you have the advantage of it being a White strain which all pump out tons of trichomes. My guess is the White Rhino would be the best all around strain.


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Hey man, I grew White Rhino and it's a legend strain. The pheno that I got was fantastic, medium size nugs that were rock solid and hashy as hell. It didn't have an especially pungent smell which is good if you are keeping your grow on the DL. It's definitely a great choice
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