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chemical salt fertilizer recipe (for flowering) needed! very urgent!


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I want to prepare my own nutrient solution by using chemical grade salt's according to chemist's salt fertilizer recipe (look at GROWFAQ). I will be growing lowryder2's. Another page in the GROWFAQ says that a proper flower type solution should have around 1200 ppm, but the one on the chemist's salt fertilizer recipe (flower mix -cola diet) only has around 600 ppm, no way enough nitrogen or phosphate for flowering. I have been trying to modify the formula in to a proper flowering solution but I can't do it. Is there anyone out there that knows a recipe for flowering that uses chemical salts (K2SO4 etc.)? I would really appreciate any help on the matter. Thanks!:adore:


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Re: chemical salt fertilizer recipe (for flowering) needed! very urgent!!

Sorry my friend. I can't help you. But I know exactly what your talking about. I also thought mixing ones own individual elements/salts went out with grandmas garden.lol I remember as a young kid watching grandma mix some salts from this box with more from another bag and so on. She always had the best and greenest garden too. Now with todays market and everything mixed and concentrated for us I wonder if it's even possible to get all the elements one needs to complete the full task?
Good luck with your task my friend. I wish I could be of more help. I would love to see your garden once you have everything up and going though.
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