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Cherry Grapefruit - Resin Glob

I decided to take some photos of my Cherry Grapefruit as it's coming close to finishing up. I noticed a tiny glob of resin on one of the buds. Before now I only knew of one other strain called 'Pinkman Goo' that could do this. I guess I am wrong?


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Nice man... Oioioi...
Beautiful man. Whered you get the strain from?
It's by Kera Seeds, I got it through alibongocannabisseeds.co.uk - I have only ever had success with these guys.
Awesome appreciate the info. Im going to for sure look into it. Make sure you post that nug in "nug of the month", you could sure win with a nuggy like that. :48:
Np buddy, and hell I might consider doing that :surf:
It's harvest day!

I flowered these girls under a 900w LED.


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