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Chick rolls Amsterdam Tulip


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I call this a training video for all my future gals.

Kaiser Sose 3

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Why not just use the Unrolling paper by EZ Wider?
E-Z Wider Unrolling Roll
it is a 15 foot long double wide paper. I have rolled a 1/4 oz in one joint... let me just say I won't waste the weed ever again. After about an inch or 2 it will just drip resin...Nasty Mouthfulls or resin... just saying.

But that is a cool joint i must admit...

Lord Indica

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Okay this is mondo magnifico! Thanks for the demo, I think I shall try that as soon as my WW is ready. I can assure you my friends will think it's cool as well and at my age (44) it's the little things these days lmao.
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