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Chiller location / Sealed room water cooled AC


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I am looking at Hydroinnovations products, it is a window mounted water chiller, looks like an AC from outside.

First, in the winter I think this may draw suspicion, but also will it work? I was thinking of maybe building a system for the winter from a radiator and fan but also would draw attention and I would need to find an outdoor fan and a way to control temps.

I am planning on a sealed box config, making a full commitment and buying a water cooled dehumid, water cooled CO2 and maybe building an enclosure for my 3x 180W LEDs and cooling them with an inline fan.

My second question is how do I cool the residual heat? HI offers a cooler meant for cooling air between HID lights, but I think this would generate condensation... so how do i cool any residual heat?


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put it in your house for heat in the winter. out in the summer. + drive around and see how many people leave window units in all year. now it running might be another story.

Look at my chiller thread, in the end I have basically built the same thing as a chillking 1/2 hp for 200 bucks.
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