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Chillson's DWC Hashberry Grow


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:surf: cruising along niceley, few branches broke from moving unfortunatley... but they look to be doing just fine. A good amount of vegeatation dying on the sides but no near the buds, should I add a little side lighting? I have some vegging-temp cfl's on hand but I can get some warmer ones if need be.



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movin alonnnggg. These girls are pretty big! The buds are really starting to fill out and it smells delicious in the room :Namaste:

Anyone have guesses on when I'll be able to harvest? I was thinking a couple more weeks. Starting to get more and more brown hairs, but still no where near the amount of white hairs on the plants.

It's hard as hell to take pictures, there are just leaves everywhere. Theres 3.5 main colas over all. The macro picture is of my favorite so far :cool027: . A good amount of medium sized buds. And a bunch of little buds! Buds Everywhere!



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Looking frosty Chillson! I would say 3 wks at least so they can fill out somemore. Have you scoped out the trichs yet? That is the most important sign of readiness. Clear, Cloudy, Amber!! :high-five:


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just had to taste test... WOW, most greatest ever.:wood: holy .

I've smoked alot of good weed. I just quick dried a baby nug from damn near the bottom of the plant and I can already tell this is the around the best high I've had. But the smoke isn't to good as I didn't cure and haven't flushed. Smells like grass right now... any way to achieve the great berry smell I had early in flowering? I think maybe I over did it with the nutes.

it's been so long since I planted these beans. so proud of them :cheer: . My girls have done well... they have been gradually yellowing towards the end of growth which I read a few times isn't too uncommon in the last stages of flowering.

I really could have taken better care of this plant, the genetics are just so awesome it powered through. I would love to perfect and get it perfect next time. I'm not sure if I want to even try another strain if I decide to have another go at growing.

anyway.. pics in next post


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just added final flush. Will probably just top that off with phed tap water for the next couple days then chop!

trichs were about 30% when i checked a couple days ago, the biggest bud still doesnt have many brown hairs but all the other buds and most of the other plant has a good amount


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finally cut my babes down, :cheer::cheer: , bittersweet but they served their purpose

thanks for stickin with me everyone!!! More pics to come, and im canning em soon.

but for now the prize bud


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Hi Chillson

Thank you for sharing your grow with us! Do you have a smoke report?

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

I’m moving this to completed journals now.

Have you started a new grow you would like to share with us?

If so, please start one here:
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Hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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