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The Purple Kush Feminized seed we planted a couple of days ago has decided to pop her head up above the medium. This last PK plant will get at least 7-8 weeks in veg and we may change that to 12 weeks when the time to go to 12/12 nears. Shadow I can't thank you enough for the veg box, because it has opened up our ability to keep things moving along, almost perpetual, but not quite there yet. I'm thinking the Mediwana should get us enough bud to get us on our way to becoming perpetual and never having to worry about who's got what and where do I have to go.

This website has been a wonderful learning tool and as long as this site exists, us little people will always be able to grow quality cannabis. Thanks 420Mag, you guys are the best, hands-down!!
This is obviously the start to the last PK plant we'll see for a long time, unless we decide to clone her. Unsure if we'll do that, because we have to get her going first. Don't want to get ahead of myself or possibly jinx the grow. This is the only pic for right now, for reasons givin earlier in this post. How many pics does one need of a 1 day old cannabis plant? They tend to all look very similar at this stage.

Anyway, we're growing this last Feminized PK seed in Promix and using the Growology nutrients. Got two CFL's on her right now, each putting out 2100 lumens or 3500 kelvin each, putting 4200 combined lumens on the plant, or 7000 kelvin whichever you folks out there prefer. The pot was PH'd at 5.90, perfect for growing cannabis. There's no forced air either way. I've mentioned in an earlier post that not allowing the plant to veg for at least 6-8 weeks makes for a small yield and I think quality suffers a bit, as well.

Subscribed Chinnubie, lets get this show rocking.
By the way you should let people know the link to this journal in your last journal.
Thanks 60, I put all of the journals in my signature.

I have another addition to this journal because I was able to come across a Lil Frankenstein clone to go along with the PK seedling. They both have their very own grow box lined in mylar and the same CFL lighting. It'll be fun to watch both of these plants grow in the Growology and see which one will do better, the same, or worse than the other. I'll have pics of everything over the weekend, Go Cards!!
Got some new photos of the new lil frankenstein clone freshly put into her new home until harvest. Pot was PH'd at 5.8 and Step 1 Growology was introduced to the medium prior to planting the clone. The PK seedling looks a little shocked because, 1) I forgot to ad Step 1 to her pot and 2) thought she may need something to eat. (Chinnubie's a dumbass!!) She looks like she'll survive just got a shock on day one of life, your welcome little PK seedling. I'll try to not be such an idiot in the future, please forgive me. I feel like I've committed a crime for abusing this seedling. My son got a little upset when we were talking about it earlier, said I need to be put in cannabis jail for abuse.

The Lil Frankenstein being PH'd in 5 gallon bucket.




The PK Seedling being abused.


Hope you guys can forgive my absentmindedness.
I really wish I had the time to spend here, but unfortunately I have to work. I can't get to other threads in order to comment allowing others to check out your plants to see if they are doing well or need work. I really do appreciate the couple of members that still get by this thread to let me know how I'm doing or what improvements could be made.

I've come to the realization growing cannabis in the best settings can be tough and getting the top quality we all crave is sometimes even harder. This site and all of the others that exist out there have just loads of people attempting and succeeding growing this not so allusive plant today. The success gets weighed on where you can achieve top notch quality THC, regardless of strain. Let's face it most hybrid weed grown in proper conditions will yield decent THC levels. I've gotten bit by the cannabis bug a long time ago, but recently it has really ignited a need to grow this wonderful plant and sometimes I don't know why??

Like most that try it, I dig the feeling THC puts off, either indica or sativa, because frankly I could never tell the difference, it all got me stoned or it didn't!! A friend of mine, after smoking a doob would love to get outside and goof around in the creek, but I usually liked to chill and watch TV. I think it comes down to attitude and your feeling at the time of smoking, not the type of strain. On my 3rd grow and the harvests have gotten better each time, so I really hope this time's gonna be the charm, to prove I can do it well.
George Orwell once said...

George Orwell said:
"Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout with some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand."

Growing weed is exactly the same lol
Yeah tell me about it, i woke this morning to find two of my plants exhibiting things i can't pin down. Fast too. How's yours coming along?
The Frankenstein clone is going great couldn't be happier, but the PK seedling is still showing signs of shock. She's getting over it very slowly but getting over it. It's gonna take some time until she's back in true form, once the pot dries out and I can water I think she'll take off but we'll see. The clone's bucket is almost dry and when she gets her first taste of the Step 2 Growology nutes I think she'll really take off. I'm gonna get another Frankenstein clone, so I may euthanize the PK seedling if we think she's gonna take to long to come back not to mention the possibility of a hermie situation. I wanted to return the cloning favors and let my friend get a PK clone for his grows. The 12/12 Mediwana plants are doing great no real issues to speak of other than having enough headroom to accommodate the stretch hopefully ending by this weekend. I'll get some pics of them on my other journal.
Hi Chinnubie, I'm bitten by the grow bug and I haven't even grown a plant "YET".

Keep up the great work and try and stay out the Cannabis "abuse" jail unless you need a vacation.:rofl:
Thanks a bunch 60. The PK seedling is gonna sadly get euthanized because I've gotten another Frankenstein clone and if this keeps up I'll never have to put another seed in the ground. I need to PH the pot the seedling's been in and get the new clone going. I'm gonna take new pics tonight when lights go out. This will be everything we are going to grow right now. We are seriously out of space to remain discreet. The system we set up is working really well with the flowered girls 3 weeks in 12/12, giving the clones that are vegging plenty of time to develop properly. One of the stems at 6' has gotten as tall as we can allow without having to bend them. I hope the stretch is finally over. Pics later tonight.
Sorry to hear your getting over crowded, maybe a friend would like your little girl. Looking good Chinnubie.
Both of the Frankenstein clones are doing well. The 1st one has grown some really thick stems real early on, surprising almost, and she has a cannabis smell when opened from the night before. She has been transpiring at the middle leaf section of the plant. It was weird to see water on the leaves so I'm hoping that's good. One last thing her roots have gotten to the bottom of the pot and are starting to make their way out of the little drainage holes. This has never happened should I be worried?
Some updated pics. If I haven't mentioned this before the PK seedling didn't make it and I replaced it with another Frankenstein clone. I really love this strain in terms of the growth, because it has large thick node & original branches. The thickness of large leaf stems would be about the size I'm trying to convey. Anyway, I don't know how to change the title of the thread, but this will be the Frankenstein clone journal. Sorry, for anyone wanting to see the PK get a further veg time than my usual hurry-up and get to flower.






Newest Frankenstein clone that replaced the PK seedling.




Really looking forward to these plants getting to flower.
Gardening is probably one of the most relaxing, beneficial and human things we could do on this earth. It's a skill that takes patience and time to learn. It gives us bountiful rewards. Fills us with knowledge and the peace to know that time passes and with every moment you use you are getting closer to reward. It sets us in the nature that we are from. In the case of medical plants it heals us, many times in more than one way. It's also a history, passed on from one grower to another, getting a little better every time the story is told.

Looking good
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