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Chlorine in the tap water?


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I am in the flowering stage and just realized our frig does not have a good R/O filter. So I think there is chlorine in the water. So I guess I have to let it sit out for a few days to evaporate the chlorine. Is that correct?? I am guessing this is what is causing brownish spots on leaves.

What do you guys think?

Buy water from the store?


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It depends on what your city uses for disinfection to determine whether evaporation will work. Chlorine is no biggie and is gone for the most part within 24 hours. If your city water uses Chloramines you will be required to treat the water as chloramines do not disapate/evaporate like chlorine does. Contact your local water district and ask which one they use. tell them you have a large fresh water fish tank and need to know so that your fish don't die when you clean and change out the water. If it is chloramines your local fish/pet store should have the supplies needeed for the treatment.
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good information! I'm on a well - do I need to have the water tested for anything?

it passed the health insp, and my plants seem fine, not sure what to think?
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