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Ya think?

We had far more challenging things in second grade - and most seven-year olds handle that just fine :rolleyes: . But I'm not complaining. Mom is almost 80 and might not be able to tend her outside food garden space next year, so I'd love to win this, use it a few times, and then stick it in the hallway under the stairs just outside her bedroom for her to grow some kind of fruit/vegetable/herb plant (or maybe two or three small ones, even). There's practically no television reception at her house, she can no longer hold a book long enough to finish it, and her mobility is— well, you know, she's getting old. So I've been looking for things that can both occupy her time and distract her from the pain. I don't know that she'd be interested in an indoor garden, but I'm hopeful. No weeding required, no trying to drag buckets full of water, no having to go in and out 20 times (bladder issues), no having to go out at all when its 98°F, etc.

So, to everyone who can't be bothered to read the thread, thank you ;) .

EDIT: @SmokeSara , I think the elderly is a virtually untapped market for indoor gardening. Everyone, if they are lucky, gets old. Many people have to give up their gardening hobby as they age, for whatever reason (including, often, moving into an apartment or condominium where there isn't really an outdoor space in which they can have a garden). You might consider discussing this with others at your company. Not every old person is poor; some of them are rather affluent, apparently.

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