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Choosing A Romulan X Strain


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Hey folks, just looking for some opinions on strains out there so I can grab some seeds in planning for my next grow.

Little back info, Romulan Haze has been my favorite smoke ever, though I wish it could be more intense!! I've come to realize that the taste/smell was from Romulan, so I'm looking for something with that Romulan taste/smell but with a better kick then the Haze offered(If this is possible), I've tried both Rom and RH, RH was def a better buzz both had the same great taste

I love RH, so I will be growing that my next time round, I will also be doing Super Sour Diesel and I'm looking for 1 more strain, in hopes that there's something out there!

If not I might just grab some Tutankhamun seeds( recorded up to 33% THC) and see if I can't get a Rom male(since Tutan is only fem seeds???) and just pollinate the Tutan just to see what it'd be like(just for fun and a learning experience)

I'd like to hear feedback on some Rom X strains if anyone's grown any! Thank you :Namaste:

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I really liked the Dairy Queen (Cheese x Romulan x Cindy 99) that I have grown/had, though to me the Cheese is the most prominent far as taste goes. Only one I have tried that I know of that has Romulan in it.
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