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Choosing first grow seeds!


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Hello guys,
I'm going to start my first grow in a couple of weeks and i was hoping to get help about which seeds to buy.

my grow area is going to be indoor, a closet or a growing tent.
my grow space is 60X100X170 cm.
I have good growing equip. (investing around 900$-1000$)
Its the end of summer, fall and winter are coming. temp' going to be 25-16C indoors.
I want as much crop as i can get from my space (going to use scrog) so i need seeds with good - amazing size crops.
I want to grow Sativa's first and later 50/50 and indica.
It's illegal here so i want to order all the seeds at once, 3 of the best sativas, 1 50/50, 1 indica. best quality please.

i want to harvest the first two crops in no more then 2.5 months - 3 months. (so i'll probably need autoflowering)

so which seeds should i get? thank you for your help guys!


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Honestly, if you're going for high yield, using scrog, and are spending a lot on equipment, I would suggest considering growing Feminized photo period strains.

You will also ALMOST NEVER harvest 2 complete crops in 3 months. I grew an Auto until ALL the fan leaves were yellow.. trichomes were just BARELY mature... and that single plant ran 83 days from sprout. You can get 1 crop harvested in that timeline.

I grew both, and it seems to be easier to get a higher yield from photos.
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