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Choosing the right extraction method - Included pictures


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Dear Fellow Growers,

Im back in business and ive built a DIY 3x3 cab, Ive included a picture below on what my extraction options are like, i have read up enough although i cant seem to find enough information on how to setup it up properly, my windows as you can see in the picture from the bottom to the top its 3 foot long so i was thinking if i could exhaust on the TOP window & suck in some air for the passive intake from the bottom ? Is my space not possibly too small between the intake and exhaust ? Like i dont want to end up sucking in the hot air that im pushing out & vice versa.


Indoor growing can be very irratating, i mean growing outdoors for me would be a dream but unfortunately i have parents that are so influenced by the military industrial complex that im forced to stealth the shit out of my system & grow indoors ! O well, im sure there are a handful of helpful growers out there. Thank you people. :Namaste:

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For stealth setup 2 would work best. I mean air blowing out the window would be a sign. plus the charcoal filter don't control all the odor.


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I've heard of this; 1000w hps being sucked straight into a fan, melted blades.

suck through carbon filter, then push through light and then vent it.
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