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Chris Christie Puts Medical Marijuana on Deathbed

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Governor Chris Christie has been waging a very public war on education in NJ, but he's also been waging a more subtle and smaller war on medical marijuana as well. Despite offering support for medical marijuana as a Gubernatorial candidate, Christie has been trying to severely weaken if not downright nullify the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, a final act of power by outgoing Governor Corzine.

But the gargantuan governor took it up a notch when he created bureaucratic hurdles that have brought medical marijuana to its very knees, begging for mercy.

The law signed by his predecessor offers a measure of compassion to patients in severe pain, which was supposed to be ready within six months – about a year ago – but the administration has placed one excessively draconian measure after another. From the potency of the drug sold to 10 percent tetrahydrocannabinol, to requiring an unnecessary $200 fee on caregivers who agree to retrieve a patient's marijuana from a dispensary housebound and banning home delivery—Chris Christie has turned an otherwise plausible reality into a dystopian nightmare for the states gravely ill.

Christie essentially put the program in permanent limbo when he said he will not allow the program to move forward until federal authorities assure him they will not prosecute.

Conflicts with the Federal law are commonplace. But what's new and alarming is the ultimatum created by Christie.

As a former federal Prosecutor Chris Christie knows very well that he will not get the letter he needs. Prosecutors do have discretion over the laws into which they will dump resources. However, the fruitless and pathetic War on Drugs has illustrated time and time again that they would rather go after an old grannie for lighting a joint she purchased from a state-clinic than Al-qaeda. Even though New Jersey has strict laws against raids, Congress has no laws on the books that explicitly exempts these programs from raids. New Jerseyians can sooner expect to see Chris Christie doing yoga than Congress enacting such a law. And don't expect Chris Christie lobbying for them anytime soon, as he hasn't encouraged the state's delegation one iota to call for them.

Indeed, his intentions to kill the medical marijuana program in NJ would look great on paper if and when he ever decides to seek the Republican nomination. It's too bad the state's many cancer and MS sufferers aren't as partisan as they continue to serve as insignificant political pawns to Chris Christie in his endless quest for power.

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This idiot is the Governor of the GARDEN STATE. Another reason to leave New Joisey and don't look back. RD :lot-o-toke::laugh2::laugh2::ban::amen:


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I guess the only hope we have is when big pharma is ready to step up to the plate.You know they have our best interest at heart.


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Hey Raysdad, I am from Virginia, talk about backward...where I am from you still go to jail for 10 days for a joint..I grow my own so none of this crap matters to me, but what about all the people that need to buy from a collective...this is the same BS just a different day..:peace::MoreNutes:
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