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Christmas Gift... OREGON...

Mr Mike

New Member
Today we received the best holiday gift,,,,, we are moving to the beautiful state of OREGON................. No more Georgia.....................

Our prayers have been answered and my wife is so happy with the job offer........ I feel so good to know that I will live in a state where the people have the choice...... Look forward to meeting fellow supporters and helping out where I can to support the Medical Marijuana Crusade !!!!!!!!!
Hope to meet my fellow 420 'ers soon and celebrate this gift........
Happy Holidays to All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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:cheer::cheer::yahoo:Congratulations Mr Mike!:yahoo::cheer: :cheer: :55::tommy::58:

Have a hit brother:48:

I know you have been looking to relocate to an MMJ State and I am delighted to hear the offer of employment in Oregon worked out!
I myself have thought of moving to the West Coast for the past 10 months and have looked at homes from Washington State throughout Oregon and down to Southern California where the Marijuana is just a little bit better than the rest of the country. We all look forward to your posts so we can help you get acclamated and let us know how everything is for you and Mrs Mike out West.

Mr Mike

New Member
We are so happy,,,, just waiting for counter offer from another Oregon employer,,,, Looks like Willlamette Valley unless Southern Oregon Coast employer has better offer. Will confirm beginning of Jan.............

Our teenagers are so happy,,,, we have been educating ourselves on Oregon,,,, My wife enjoyed her visit last week there,, yes rainy but that's why everything is GREEN....

I hope we can hook up with fellow members and learn how to get started,,,,, I don't have a green thumb as of now.....willing to learn !!!!!

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