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Christmas Seed Bank


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One of my adult daughters, has a new significant other. He lives at and is the primary care taker of an indoor and outdoor MJ grow facility in Northern California. We have only met once before, at a family party she brought him to. Today was Christmas with our family.

We sat down today, and after inspecting my little R&D grow setup here, he smiled, walked out his 4x4 and returned with a large brown paper envelope. He hands it to me, and says if I get any of these to grow, he wants me to make sure a save him a clone from the seeds...

I then open up his Christmas gift to me...

Its hard to describe but in simple terms. Its a seed bank with original seeds dated back to the 1970's and 1980's...

Some of the seeds:

Woahaken Sativa 1980
Indica 1982 Humboldt
Indica Cross 1985
Thia 1986

There is also a ton of unlabeled but clearly marked separate strains. It appears I have the starting of a bank of flavors now.


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A very Merry Christmas to you!

Best of luck with this project!

Thanks Kazz,

I am looking forward to growing some old school plants and see how they compare to todays hybrids.


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Dude he'd be my favorite future whatever! Good luck with those! Maybe if you get them going and decide to make seeds you could seedbay or -------- them

Plus a bag of Blue Dream he grew this last season. Its at least an oz or more. I havent weighed it. We were talking about possible family projects in the topic. I like this kid.

If I get any of these to grow, and we like the looks of them, I will be looking to self fertilize(C.S. on a portion of plant, then using pollen to fertilize the rest of plant) on a clone and get some fresh seeds put back into the bank. If I can grow the bank, using this technic, i will be looking to share the old school love with some friends. A pay it forward approach to sharing strains.


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I'll remember that, when I have my seed project up and running. Hopefully around this summer, I can pop the first beans in the ground and start growing some test plants. I have 16 new flavors to grow, none of them with modern names. Some have hundreds of beans, some have as few as 2 left.

Someday, I want a clone donor tree, an actual old school tree with bark and lots of different strains grafted onto it, so I can quickly grow out via clones, any of a number of plants for a flavor based grow. Keep the Tree in the house as plant, I have two giant palms tree's indoors, why not a big ass bud tree? The idea is to make sure its light schedule never goes to flower mode.

Grow the size of the seed bank via test plants, generating new seeds, while keep a living tree with the old school favors grafted onto it and now available for quickly growing a couple of clones of any type on demand.

The idea is to share a few seeds with a few 420 type friends, to allow the flavor(s) to grow in other places. Over time, they share with their friends. Hopefully, I can find people who have their own personal seed banks and are willing to reciprocate with their own unique plant strains to grow the number of types of plants available to me.


Sounds awesome man, talk about one VERy Merry Christmas indeed lol. I look forward to seeing the results of you "little" experiment, it's great you're keeping the old genes alive.
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