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This grow is not for me, I don’t really smoke (maybe 8 times in my life), it’s for my family members (step family members). But it’s mostly just because I love the way cannabis plants look, with all the amazing different colors in it. I’m just plain old intrigued with the plant. And yes, my first grow will make it the 9th time in my life, gotta smoke your first bud ever grown right?

MSNL Seeds :
#1 Grand daddy purple fem auto
:19%-22% THC, Indica dominant
#2 Silver Haze fem auto
:15%-18% THC, hybrid mostly Sativa
#3 Purple Hulk fem auto
:19%-22% THC, hybrid mostly Sativa
#4 Sour Diesel fem auto
:15%-18% THC, hybrid mostly Sativa

So I would like to start by saying, I know I’m already fucked on this grow due to the solo cups. I’m just using this first grow as to practice my timing for my attempt at outdoor organic growing (which I’m definitely looking forward too).

4 of 4 germinated in paper towel with mycorrhizae for 24 hours. After tap root came out put in Fox Farms HF with mixed in mycorrhiza. GDP and PH had the strongest tap roots, about 3/8” after paper towel.

After another 24 hours GDP and PH poked their little heads out of the soil, took another 1 day for silver haze to come out. Waited another 2 days to see if Sour Diesel would come out, it didn’t. So I gently dug into the sour diesel soil to see what was going on, and noticed the seedling was just growing in circles, for some reason she couldn’t find the light at the end of the tunnel. So I gently took a tooth pick and barely brought her head out. She ended up starting to head towards the light after a few hours, and was looking a lot better.

The following pictures are of the first four days:

GDP strongest followed by PH then SH, SD is the runt


purple hulk day 1

GDP day 1

All day 1

beginning of day 2

SH day 2

GDP day 2

PH day 2

day 4

SD finally comes out day 4

started noticing a bit of stretching, had them under a 125w CFL. All inside a clear tub with temp and humidity staying around 75f and 80rh. With a heat pad under all of them. Day 1 was exactly a week ago, will update with day 6 with changes and with day 7 turn around from day 6.

comments, concerns, and criticism is very much so appreciated!
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At day 4 I made a little indoor tent, out of insulation board with reflective insides. Moved all plants into the garage in what I built. With a full spectrum LED grow light.

So as day six came around had a little more stretching than shown in previous day 1 thru 4 pictures. I mixed up a little Fox Farms Ocean Forest with a little more earth worm castings (about 6:1 ratio). I did a little like top dressing with that, and watered. In hopes of the steam also sending out roots. From my understanding it works the same as with tomatoes that way, let me know if I’m on the right track on that. Also noticed the temperatures were a bit low with the LED sitting around 65 at the hottest. Replaced with a dimmable 600w MH bulb dimmed down to 200w sitting about 28” from top of cup.

Watering about every 3rd day with RO water with about a half teaspoon of molasses, in a 22oz spray bottle.

No changes on plant comparison
GDP strongest followed by PH then SH, SD is the runt.
The Purple Hulk is the one that has the little twist on its first set of true leaves, should I be concerned on this little problem, or not? Please input on this, it’s been like that for about 3days.

My little impromptu grow tent I made on day 4 after deciding to see this grow full way through
Day 6 before ’Top dressing‘ on day six (from left to right SH, GDP, PH)
Day 7 after ‘top dressing‘ effects at straightening stems (from left to right SH, GDP, PH, SD)

As you can tell sour diesel is still super runt after a week. I think having to force the cotyledon leaves out after they were just tumbling around.

Again please any comments, concerns, and criticism is very much so appreciated! I would like to know if I’m going in the right direction on this, especially because it’s my first time learning experience for my main grow this summer


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Day 8 and Purple Hulks twisted set of leaves straightened themselves out and is looking pretty amazing! Brought the MH bulb down to 24” and turned up to 400w.


Also filled their 5 gallon pots I will be transferring them into, will update with photos later.
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So it’s been a little while and haven’t posted any updates about the grow. But now I’m about a week into flower, just got through pre-flower and I’m liking how all the girls are growing. I’ve been just feeding them compost teas and plain RO water. Compost teas I don’t PH they’re staying at about 6.2-6.4 natural. When I water them with their RO water I PH to about 6.7-6.8.

Right at the beginning of pre-flower (April 18th)
And about 8 days later just recently after flower hitting, switched to my 600w HPS bulb

Loving the amount of hairs coming off the girls


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I feel her pain, SD in way up on my favorite list also lol awesome buds, that silver have looks delicious, how much did u get from the 3 plants?

I didn’t get a weight, but a volume. Silver haze and GDP filled up 2, 16 oz jars each. And the purple hulk filled up 2, 32oz jars.
the three pretty heavy Smokers in my house went through the silver haze in about two weeks (I think). They go through an Oz in about 4-7days, depending how good it is, the better the longer it lasts them. They’re still working on the gdp and purple hulk.
Silver haze I did have some of it, and one hit had my high AF... for my born again virgin THC lungs, last time I smoked was about 12 years ago. But not a single cough from it, even with the hash we sprinkled on it from the trim
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