Chronic Depression by Anonymous

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Chronic Depression by Anonymous​

I am now 17 years old and have had problems with depression and anxiety for my entire life. I have had thoughts of suicide for a very long time and recently began taking Zoloft. It worked fantastically for my anxiety, but seemed to intensify my depression. Then I talked to a girl my age who has been battling chronic pain after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and happens to use marihuana to lessen her pain. When I talked to her about my suicidal thoughts, she suggested smoking marihuana. I was at the lowest point, on the verge of committing suicide that day. Even as I hit the pipe, I could only think about how miserable my life was. And then BAM! I suddenly realized I was stoned. I had smoked before, but never in response to my depression. I had never paid much attention to how it affected my depression, but this time I did. I became elated and just happy to be given the grace of experiencing my surroundings. My depressed thoughts disappeared; I felt like a kid. It was fantastic. Since that day I have been smoking regularly and while the depression still is there, the thoughts of suicide are gone-- a huge relief to me. Things in my life are finally getting better. Please, if you are thinking about suicide, consider marihuana therapy. It saved my life.

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