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Chronic fibro nerve pain & cannabis paste & cancer


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chronic pain part

last year i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after a couple years of nasty suffering. every day was an exercise in constant burning, stinging, stabbing throbbing pain. i decided to try some cannabis tincture and made some up steeping it for 30 days. i made 3 different batches depending on a bud/leaf ratio and to decarb or not decard. the best was a 50/50 leaf-bud ration that was decarbed first.

the tincture worked very well and id say took away about 85% of the daily pain. i took 2T 4 times a day and sometimes a bit more at bed time if needed. this i did for about a year and it helped a great deal and i was quite pleased. being new to cannabis i was not sure of strength or potency or strains, i was just experimenting with what i had. the plant material i had was indica and i found it relaxing. i never experienced any high or buzz using the tincture.

here is the cancer part--
last month i was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage one, the tumor was small at 11mm. my surgery was scheduled for about 3 weeks away from then. they were going to remove the tumor and also get some lymph nodes to check for spreading. as you can imagine, it was scary as hell.

i determined to use cannabis to treat myself up until surgery and see what happened. there was not much time until my surgery date of 9/10 but i did my best. i knew about the oil but decided to go with the paste recipe because for me, having vision problems, i felt making the paste would be easier and it was.

the direction for dosage on the paste is to start off with an amount the size of a pea and then work up to 2.5gms a day to fight cancer. i knew the oil was to be worked up to 1 gm a day for 90 days---i dont know how the dose of 2.5gm was arrived at--testing? studies? i dont know---i do not know why the amount seemed too low to me. i am no chemist but i decided to slowly increase my intake as high as possible without the usual side affects and see what happens.

so for 3 weeks before my surgery i added the paste and slowly increase my dosage, working up to 8 capsules a day--about 8 gms as each capsule weighted 1 gm.

2 good things happened.
1) at 8 capsules a day i no longer needed tincture for the fibro pain. it totally disappeared. not a hint or twinge or nerve pain. fantastic!

2) the day of surgery they took extra sonograms of tumor and it had shrunk. from 11 to 8mm. instead of having to cut out a section the size of my fist (that they had warned me was going to happen) then ended up only cutting out the size of a walnut. super fantastic!!!!

i wad totally impressed and yes thankful that my breast was not cut up badly. the doctors knew i had been taking cannabis and did not want to talk about it as a possible treatment for later (i am in CO and it is all legal)--they were pushing radiation course of 3 weeks straight for after surgery. . they advised me to stop taking any cannabis a week before surgery just in case. but i did not i stopped the morning of surgery and when i got home started it right up again and found this out--

3) i hardly needed any pain pills after day 2
the first and second day i took the pain pills cause i needed them. the morning of day 3 after surgery i stopped the pain pills and took my 8 cannabis pills throughout the day. i found i did not need the pain pills. i would pop some extra strength tylenol a couple times a day if needed, but it is not often. i do take one and a half at bedtime because it is still hard to get comfortable trying to sleep--laying down makes a sore and tender breast hurt.

my pathology report came back clean, i have good clean margins and no caner spread to lymphs. im going to continue with the 8gm of cannabis paste a day because it gets rid of the fibro pain and obviously affected my tumor. i am wondering if i need to increase it to fight off any potential return of cancer. they say without radiation my chances are 30% it will return and only 20% or less with radiation. i still am not going to take the radiation. but i am wondering if i should increase my dose.

so that is my chronic pain / cancer / cannabis story


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jazzy, I can't believe I missed this. Thank you for your thoroughness in documenting your journey. I'm so pleased it worked out well for you. As far as increasing your dose, I'd think you hit your optimal therapeutic dose, evidenced by the tumor shrinkage, so I'd suggest stick to the 8 capsules a day unless you have a compelling reason to add more, like increased pain or a scan that shows tumor growth.

May your medical news continue to be good. Heal and live a long life. :circle-of-love:


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thank you all for your kind words and support. sorry i have not been back in awhile, life got busy.

i had my one year cancer check up and i am cancer free. this of course made me very happy. i am still take cannabis paste caps at bedtime. averaging 4-5 a day. i dont recall why i did not stay at the 8 caps a day but am trying to get back up to that dose. as less than that the fibro pains come back.

thanks sweetsue for posting the cannabis paste recipe, that is about what i do, i prefer using the coconut oil as it makes it easier to fill capsules , the glycerine makes a softer mushier paste and it is just hared to fill the caps for me. you dont need to fill capsules, but i dont like the taste, that is why i do it. i use half pint canning jars and each jar makes about a one month supply.

i also make the No Nonsense salve recipe posted on another thread. it is fantastic for pain relief and since it is made with coconut oil it is also edible. i sub it on for damaged rotator cuff and it helps ALOT.

i cant believe it has been a year since i went thru my cancer nightmare, and i was very lucky catching it so early. in my first post i saw i put myself down as a stage one, but i was actually a definite
stage two. not a big deal, just trying to be accurate in my record.

the more i learned about the cancer industry the madder i got. i tell everyone i know to try cannabis before they go in for the chemo/radiation/surgery treadmill. prayers for everyone who is facing this and other serious illness and prayers for all struggling to get the truth out about cannabis and how it can help in so many way...


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Thank you for the update jazzy and a hearty :yahoo: about the cancer-free screening. :love: When you take 8 capsules a day, how do you schedule that? Do you take multiples in the doses, and at what configuration? Just picking your brain a little.


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hi sweetsue,
when i take 8 caps a day i tke 4 at bedtime. 2 at bed and another 2 after awhile because i usually spend bout an hour or more listening to a book, so i take the second set of 2 caps when im ready to roll over and go to sleep.

during the day i will take one after breakfast, two after lunch then i take a nap, and one after dinner. during the day i can only handle them after eating something mostly protein.
in the beginning they made me sleepy and groggy but i slowly adjusted.

i know there is alot of dispute about the paste vs oil. ive seen people get real heated about it. but for me, the paste was much easier to make and use and i like the idea of using the whole plant and not throwing away the leftover material. there are still CBDs in there. whatever way people use cannabis for medicine, im not sure it matters as long as it is working. hope you and your sister are well .
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