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Chronic Headache With Anxiety - What's Best For Daytime?


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I'm a newbie with chronic daily headache, migraine, neck and back pain for the past almost 5 years. Tried everything conventional medicine has to offer, including hormone therapy, Botox, Cervical Injections, diet, exercise, Osteopaths, PT, Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, bla bla bla. Right now I am on a daily anti-seizure medicine and Imitrex nasal spray, neither of which are doing much. Even the Percocets and Fioricets don't take away the pain. Xanax helps me sleep, but I don't want to get dependent on that. These headaches are daily, spread into my neck and back and are getting worse as time goes on, and they give me anxiety big time. I am a software support specialist and work from home, so I can take breaks, but I have to be alert and able to think. My focus and concentration is all but gone due to the pain. I feel so unproductive.

I just got my card here in AZ. Haven't smoked anything since I was 15 and had a major panic attack after my brother gave me something that was a bit too strong for me. I am 51, almost 52 now.

I got a O-Pen, and picked up what was suggested by the first dispensary I visited, a cartridge with Purple AK-47. I checked out another dispensary the next day and they suggested some pre-rolled ACDC.

I didn't really want to smoke - but am not opposed to vapor, oils, edibles, etc. Still haven't gotten the courage up to try one of the two I have on hand. I'll smoke if that's the only way to get the strain that is suggested and works. I don't want to get stoned. I just want the pain to go away so I can function and not obsess over it day in and day out.

Any thoughts on the best strains or method of use for me? This is all very mind-boggling.

Thanks in advance. I have high hopes (no pun intended).



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Check out the oil threads (link in my signature). Tacking is a great way to get the CBD into your system, and keep the euphoria to a minimum (once you've mastered the tack).

I do smoke, since oil is hard to get here, but I prefer to tack when I have oil. It's a feeling of general wellness as opposed to the head high or body high you would generally get.

On the strains you have; purple AK47 is indica dominant so before bed and good with pain and ACDC is sativa dominant, so high CBD and a functioning daytime strain.

Hope that helps you, even just a little.
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