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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (copd)


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I was way off base with my "Smoking Marijuana - as an anti-asthmatic?" thread. :sorry:

The correct diagnosis for what ails my friend is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). In a nutshell, it is (more or less) the co-occurrence of chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

How does this pertain to Medical Marijuana? I'm not sure anymore. I was always under the impression that my friend's breathing problems were more related to Asthma.

My friend is a non-smoker...no pot, no tobacco.

So how did he wind up with COPD? Nasal polyps. His nose has been seriously obstructed by nasal polyps for a long time - longer than I've known him - I'd say 20 years or more. Until he had the polyps surgically removed (about 2.5 years ago) he had spent the last 20+ years breathing through his mouth which is NOT how our lungs (along with the Diaphram) are supposed to function physiologically. When the nose get's plugged up it often makes people use their inner chest and lung muscles to draw in air and also necessitates the more frequent lung expansion than normal breathing through the nose. Not only that, breathing through the mouth allows more foreign particles into the lungs and subsequently absorbed into the blood.

Since the steroids, more properly stated as Corticosteriods, are what he's been taking primarily, both in pill and inhaler form - they act to reduce the inflammation in the airways, in theory reducing lung damage and airway narrowing caused by inflammation. So, perhaps Marijuana, in some form (not necessarily smoking it...maybe vaporizing it) could be a viable alternative to these Corticosteroids.

I know this issue is way out of most people in here's league of thought...

Just trying to help my friend. He's the closest thing I've got to family. When he suffers, so do I.


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I suffer from "asthmatic bronchitis" due to allerges. Steroids do help, but I'm worried about the long term effects. I'm a RN, don't smoke but I'm seriously thinking of trying some MJ as a last resort. I'll post my experience.


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I'm a RN, don't smoke but I'm seriously thinking of trying some MJ as a last resort.
You don't have to smoke it.

Ya know...this whole bit with people trying Cannabis "as a last resort" is so I'm :sorry: to have to put it this way....

Well, I'll just say that he whole idea of "as a last resort" for Cannabis...it's just totally absurd, to me.

All these pharmaceuticals (derived from who knows what) people are putting into their bodies are far worse, whether it's in the long or short term, than something that's been around long before we started calling ourselves "Homo Sapiens".

I find it rather dumbfounding that people would rather play the Guinea Pig, going through one after the other of these artificially derived pharmaceuticals than to consume/ingest/inhale (choose your method) a natural herb, that's had thousands of years of documented proof of it's healing abilities.

This whole bit of using Cannabis "as a last resort" is just one of the many cop-out, suck-up phrases that many people adhere to. Their minds have been so stifled by all the dogmatic guidelines of western medicine and anything not readily approved by these so-called health experts and their dogmatic guidelines isn't fit for use, and anything not tested in the lab, under a microsocope, somewhat controlled environments (both in the lab and out in the field), and what not, should not be used by the general populace.

I'm not saying one should not be sensible when trying Cannabis for the first time. However method one decides to consume/ingest/inhale (again, choose your method) Cannabis - it's good to start small. Slowly introduce it into your body. Then make gradual increases till you find your "comfort zones" and tolerances...ya know?

Lotta people "over-do" it on their first try, whether it's for medicinal and/or recreational, and that often makes people SO uncomfortable.


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dont anybody kid themselves smoking anything regularly presents a health risk
cigarettes are worse but both have the potential to give you COPD
thats permanent lung damage folks
and thats first hand experience
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