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Chronic Pain and Seizures by Anonymous

Julie Gardener

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Chronic Pain and Seizures by Anonymous​

I have been in chronic pain for three years and have been prescribed lortabs, duregisic patches, and methadone. A friend suggested I try pot. By that time I was desperate, I hurt so bad from fibromyalgia and depression from the pain. It was causing marital problems and I was having terrible trouble with my teenage daughter. I am a Christian and didn't really want to try it but once I did, I felt I could do things again. I was interested in learning, anyway. You see, I have had to take seizure medicine since I was young due to meningitis. It seems the marijuana helps also. I have been smoking about 2 or 3 joints a day and I really can't afford it when the homegrown is gone. I have been prescribed Marinol, but it doesn't work like cannabis. Are there any clinical trials out there and why is our government being so cruel? I hated breaking the law.

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