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Tonya, I was correcting the embedding on your clip and lost part 2. Can you please repost it so I can embed it for you. Thanks mate

Smokin Moose

Fallen Cannabis Warrior
Sort of. You need to embed the clip. If you can repost part 2, I will edit it into the original thread for you.
While I am at it, I noticed a few other clips of yours on mmj. Would you like to pot those in an appropriate sub-forum as well.
And thank you for joining us here as a member. I have been following your words for some time, and I find you an inspiring woman! Keep up the good fight my friend, and hello from sunny Australia!

Tonya Davis

New Member
All fixed. Are they in the correct order?

Yes they are.. Thank you so much for the help! Its a honor to be a part of such a wonderful site.. Thank you for welcoming me.

With my health problems and trying to change Ohio law to offer some protection for us ... I dont get to chat often as I like... So if im away its because Im at the statehouse or in bed not well:peace:
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