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Chronic - Plant


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Since not everybody joins us in the grow room I thought I would share some pics in the 420 pictures section. This plant is chronic. She is only a few days before harvest. Please enjoy the pics, its was the best I can do with my old cybershot cam. My better cam got broken and the cybershot only has autofocusing capabilities.


These pics are some shots of the lateral branches. Some of them can be mistaken for a main cola cause of their sizes.






This pic is the best I can do for a close up. The cam looses focus getting any closer.


And of course, the main central cola that this strain is famous for. It may not be the biggest I have grown but its what I have as of now.


Here is a description of chronic if your not familiar with the strain. The seeds were from Dope Seeds. Discount cannabis seeds - marijuana (weed) seeds They are a trusted sponsor for this site.
Our most commercial variety, this medium height, not too dense plant is the perfect combination of good yield and excellent quality. Smokers that know and grow choose this plant for its combination of appearance and sweet smell. With its indica background Chronic can produce up to 600 g/m2 without losing that connoisseur feeling. Grows a single huge central bud with few side branches. Do not top plants to encourage multiple big buds, as this strain does not respond well. Mild, sweet smell develops while flowering, take care to dry thoroughly after harvest (before packaging) to maintain this subtle fragrance. 3rd prize High Times Cannabis Cup 1994, improved in 2000.

Of all our strains, this is the best choice for growers tired of losing quality when increasing yield.

Type: sativa/indica hybrid
Indoor clone grow time: 5 - 10 days
Indoor flowering time: 56 - 63 days
Indoor yield: 350 - 600 grams/m2
Outside/Greenhouse harvest time:
15-31 October

Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or feedback. And remember that the best tasting buds are the ones you grow yourself.


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Even though I've been following the thread in the grow journal section, I can still honestly say, and I guess I'm repeating myself... Goddam, that is beauty! You're one hell of a grower U, rock on!
How much do you think you'll yield?
I hope you give us a smoke report too ;)


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I am not sure because of the ozone machine but they are nowhere near as bad as the skunk and the lucky queen. Rate a medium level on smell?


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wow thats an impressive plant!! its absolutely covered in hairs and THC crystals!

im really excited to see some pics of the harvest


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I know this is an old thread but I got some Chronic clones from someone and I do not know much about them. I seen the grow specs, so I have a rough idea when they should b ready. They are just making roots now in the bubble cloner.

Anyone have smoke report or taste report. One memory I had of Chronic was that it was not the potent and the high didn't last too long. Seemed the first hit on a bowl was good, but after that not so good. I may have had something else, but I would like to know now instead of waiting three months to find out.



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beautiful bro wow
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