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Chula Vista Adopts Moratorium for Medical Marijuana

Jim Finnel

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25-year-old Daniel Green and 26-year-old Dustin Vogel are both medical marijuana patients. Their plan is to open CV Cooperative, which would distribute medical marijuana. "We just wanted to bring safe legal access to Chula Vista," says Vogel. "What we were planning to do is a more individual one on one thing. People come in and we do verify that they do have a legitimate doctor's recommendation," says Green.

But when Green and Vogel applied for a business license, the city rejected their application.

"They have negative thoughts about it. They just negatively associate it and that's it," says Vogel.

Two months ago the two men leased an office space across from Sharp Chula Vista. Since they are not in business yet, their cooperative is losing money on the lease.

At Tuesday's city council meeting,the council voted in favor of a moratorium that allows officials to decide whether or not a dispensary is appropriate in certain areas of the city; a decision supported by those concerned with marijuana falling into the wrong hands.

But the city council stresses that the moratorium does not put a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries, which for Green and Vogel, keeps their business hopes alive. "Hopefully they can make the same decision the voters of California have and the patients of Chula Vista can have safe local access."

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