Cigarette filters in joints do they filter out THC?


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On occasions I'll roll a joint using the Raw rolling machine and use a cigarette filter, it does make it smoother but I wonder if the THC gets filtered through as in decreased? The majority of the time I used a rolled up filter/cardboard. Does anyone know if the THC decreased with these filters? Does anyone have a logical explanation?


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The majority of the time I used a rolled up filter/cardboard.

I thought you were meaning a cigarette filter (as per thread title), lol. I was wondering if it'd make it impossible to hit the joint like it was a joint and, instead, cause you to have to puff on it and then inhale the mouthful of smoke as if it was a cigarette. Was trying to figure out if that'd even get a person high, lol, all that air mixed in.

Anyway... If you're curious, just use the same piece of cardboard for the next 25 or so joints, then cut it up into tiny little pieces... and smoke it. If you get high (or low, I suppose, if what's there is CBD/etc. instead of THC) then, yeah, it's catching some cannabinoids.


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removed tobacco from some 100mm cigs & packed with weed for graduation from UTEP in 1973. got real high in the

stands before they called my name and the filters didn't seem to mind at all.


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I just searched 'filters in joints' and found this thread. I know it's old but I was looking into it as I've recently been told that a filter added in the end of a joint only captures 0.1% of THC yet still catches the tar, so far it doesn't seem to be making a difference using them.


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check out “the perfectpipe “it explained how to get the thc thru the filter, just got one yesterday and it does work well...
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