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Cindy 99 Fem Journal


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Grow set-up includes my grow tent, duct work, fan, carbon filter, and adjustable lamp.
Here is a complete list of all items I gathered for my grow. Not all are completely necessary, but I wanted to be sure I did everything absolutely right and here's what my hours of research got me, (links will be provided as we go through the process):

Grow Tent/Fan/duct/carbon filter
I forget where I got the fan/duct/filter set up but look for a kit with everything including the carbon filter.

Bulbs - different types for germination, vegetation, and flowering.
5 gallon grow bucket
racheting ropes/plant yoyos
ONA Gel (prevents smell)
Fox Farms Ocean Forest Organic Soil
Miracle Grow Perlite
Dyno Grow or Cal Mag for optional plant food
digital PH meter

Calibration fluid
PH adjuster

Rapid Rooters
Plug-in timer (to control light hours)
Jeweler's loupe (to view THC crystals known as tetrahydrocannabinol
Mason jars (for curing)
Clothes hangers (for curing)

Once this was all put together I started to germinate my Cindy 99 seeds.

For germination I chose rapid rooters. I took one and used a bobby pin to push the stock hole in farther and tore off a small chunk, then moistened it and inserted the seed, placing the small chunk of rapid rooter on top of the hole. Rapid rooters have nutrients necessary but not required for seed germination. I've used the paper towel germination as well, but this is easier because once it has roots I can put the whole plug into the pot no worries instead of carefully placing the seedling in. There's also nothing wrong with potting it right away, but this way I can visually monitor germination.

Once the rapid rooter was prepared, I took a random plastic container and placed a small plastic pot into it that way I can continuously keep the base of the rapid rooter in water to stay just moist enough and placed under 24 hours of continuous light. The bulb I used is a GE 65w 120v China K14H plant light.

The rooter was placed 12-13 inches below the light source.
Next to this I kept a digital hygrometer.

Later on in the curing process it will be imperative to monitor humidity levels. Currently we need to keep the germination temps between 70-85 degrees, and the hygrometer will also display that information.

The next day I moistened the rooter.
Temp in the tent was at 79 degrees at the first check at 1:30 pm.
Temp in tent was at 82 degrees/41% humidity at the second check at 2:02 pm.
Temp in tent was 82 degrees/43% at 1:18 am third check.

Day 2 of the germination process looked like this:
10:27 am temp 82 degrees and 42%, still moist. Tent temps spiking around 86, need to cool, opened tent vents.
3:57 pm moisten and tent temp still 85 degrees. Definite germination, can see seed crack and tail coming out.
24 hrs of continuous light continued.

Day 3 of germination
1:08 am temp 85 degrees and still moist.
9:00 am temp 79 degrees and germination is now visible out of the rapid rooter.
10:14 am temp 79 degrees and germination is officially a sprout. Turn slightly away from full light so as not to burn the sprout.
12:49 can see cotyledons, looking very healthy and green.

Here is the first little Cindy 99 baby I can introduce to all of you.


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Congrats on your sprout! I'm interested to see how she grows. I've got a Cindy-99 almost 4 weeks into flowering now, and she's the prettiest plant I've grown to date!


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I am now preparing to pot my germinated seed.

I took my Fox Farms Ocean Forest Organic Soil, (which I forgot already has some perlite in it) and perlite and mixed them together.
The soil ratios are as follows:

Add Perlite for drainage to soil. 1-2/10 parts perlite to 8-9/10 parts soil. So there are 10 parts total. This particular mixture will allow for less nutrient infused water.
For more nutrient rich soil take 3-5 parts perlite to 5-7 parts soil for a total of 10 parts. I used the 3 parts perlite to 7 parts soil mixture.

I also do not plan on using a lot of plant food until necessary to avoid chemically burning my plant. If you do plan on using some plant food, add it to the soil now and moisten.

Then take your rapid rooter plug and place into the pot. For my size grow, I am only using a five gallon bucket, which I recommend. You can use other things like cloth or whatever you would like.

My pot is about a foot from direct light. My hygrometer is pictured in the pot so I can unzip my tent and quickly assess the plant.

After potting, the temp in the tent was at 81 degrees.
4:00 pm temps spiking around 89 degrees, turn on fan and open vents. Humidity going up from the 40's to 60's.
11:56 temp 83 degrees and 71% humidity. Height now 1 inch tall.



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8:35 am temp 79 degrees and 69% humidity.
10:38 am temp 79 degrees and 61% humidity.

10:40 am switch light from GE 65w 120v Chinba K14H China Plant Light to Phillips LED 13.5w LED PAR 38 Flood Blue for vegetation stage.
10:45 am temp 79 degrees and 69% humidity. Height now 1 1/2 inches.



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That's awesome, perhaps we can keep a dialogue going on here, compare our notes. I would love to see your grow if at all possible. If you're uncomfortable sharing, I understand.


Photo of the Month: June 2018
That's awesome, perhaps we can keep a dialogue going on here, compare our notes. I would love to see your grow if at all possible. If you're uncomfortable sharing, I understand.
I have two grow journals going. The one detailing my first flux is the Cindy. If you're using an app to view the forum, you'd prolly have to go to my profile to see my sig links. [emoji106]


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DAY 2 Continued

1:00 pm 70 degrees and 81%, turn bucket 180 degrees to promote even light distribution and avoid burns.

1:36 pm 71 degrees, decided this was too close to the minimum temp needed and reintroduced the original plant light.
Since the blue LED is supposed to promote veg. health, the addition of the other plant light should not pose an issue.

In a few minutes the temp went up to 74 degrees.
3:00 pm 84 degrees and 61%
5:01 pm 85 degrees and 62% height now exactly 2 inches, moisten.
7:54 pm 85 degrees and 59%


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8:48 am 85 degrees and 58%, height now 2 1/2 inches, moisten and rotate
10:35 am 85 degrees and 58% height now 2 3/4 inches
12:30 pm 87 degrees and 65%, height now 3 inches
2:19 pm 90 degrees and 53%, too hot opened vents on tent to cool and moistened
2:51 pm 86 degrees and 48%
5:45 pm 88 degrees and 52%, begin continuous fan
8:10 pm 85 degrees and 45%, height now 3 1/2 inches


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7:52 am 87 degrees 56%, height now 3 3/4 inches, open tent vents to cool

Today I will begin PH balancing the plant food and water I feed to the plant. For now I am just using water as the soil I am using already has nutrients in it.
I will begin plant food when I see the plant needing extra nutrients. The water I was just pouring in has a PH balance of 7.2, which is actually close to the range I want it to be in. Typically you want the PH levels to be between 6.0 and 7.0. You want to keep the value in that range but not at an exact number because this will cause the plant to burn out. It is important to let your values flux between 6 and 7 daily.

With this in mind, I would now like to lower the PH level of my water to something within the stated range.

I was able to test the water with the below pictured instrument.

Then to correct the water, I took the below pictured kit

And pulled out the test vial and filled it halfway with the unaltered solution and poured in 3 drops of testing solution to verify my PH levels were in fact near 7.2, (this would show me if my PH meter is accurate as well).

Below is the solution with the test indicator added, you can see the color matches the 7.0 PH level color shown on the test indicator bottle.

Now I can add my PH DOWN to the water, but very carefully only add a tiny drop, the solution is strong and can easily throw you out of the ball park.
I was able to bring my water to a PH level of 6.8 and pour it onto my plant.

It should be noted that I have a continuously running fan now, which can promote stem strength and help it bear heavier loads when it matures.
Also, the lights are completely off between the hours of 1 am and 5 am.

Here is my baby, still have not named her.



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11:37 am 83 degrees and 47%, height 4 inches
2:04 pm 85 degrees and 50%
5:10 pm 86 degrees and 51%, turn off plant light to see if anything changes. (This slowed growth, later I turned it back on, blue LED does not support plant growth by itself) and moistened with 6.2 PH level water.


Moistened with a liter of water containing one tablespoon of Fox Farms plant food. Turned on plant light back on so the blue LED and plant light can run together.
Pulled plant closer to the light, how 8 inches from light instead of 13.
Added more time back to the timer for only 3 hrs of darkness.



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7:31 am 80 degrees and 46% height now 4 1/2 inches. Continuous fan still functioning without issue.
It is noted that the leaves are now reaching towards the light.

1:17 pm 87 degrees and 38% open vent to cool plant.
12:21 am 72 degrees and 54%


8:22 am 88 degrees and 36% height now 5 inches



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8:50 am 82 degrees and 40%, not vertical growth but the leaves are now 1 inch in span.
12:09 pm 87 degrees and 42%
3:31 90 degrees and 42%


9:11 am 87 degrees and 42% moisten with plain water, it is important to note I only give Mercedes plant food once every 5 days, you do not want to burn your plant.
2:44 pm 91 degrees and 43% moisten and confirm vents are open, the house is exceptionally warm today and is overheating the tent, now lowering the ac.
9:36 pm 89 degrees and 45% height now 5 1/2 inches



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DAY 10

8:50 am 85 degrees and 36% height now 6 inches
11:10 am 83 degrees and 35% adding one liter of water with a tablespoon of plant food added and PH balanced from 7.7 to 7.1

Here is my lovely Mercedes today



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DAY 11

2:50 pm begin GLR (Gas Light/Lantern Routine)
I am going to try this method just to see what happens,
I've seen a lot of debate over 18/6 and GLR veg lighting.
Any opinions?



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DAY 14
7 1/2 inches, moisten with 6.9 PH water

DAY 15
8 inches
3:20 PM added the first LST (low stress training) branch to my pot so that I can start bending the plant to it, creating more colas

DAY 16
9:28 am feed plant food, balanced at 6.9

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