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Cinnamon - Jack Herer pheno cross

Lord Mong

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I thought i would post a week by week journal of my first grow; so here it is:

To start with - X 2 Cinnamon (Sativa 95% tammed)
X 3 CFL's - 375watts - under home-made hood.
Grow room - 8' X 4' X 6'

Plants are now just under 2 weeks old, and i have just started to introduce low concentration fert.

I will post some more in a week...so far they seem healthy.

Waiting for pictures to be approved.

Lord Mong

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Well you could do it and maybe get away with it. Is that like 3, 3.5 Gallon? 5 gallon is recommended so thats up to you.


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Tiger bloom is good, however as its called tiger BLOOM Its not all that suitable for vegging. However it will still provide some more essential nutes for growth. Just make sure you give itplenty of Nitrogen during your veg time.

Jim Finnel

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your girls are looking purt and pretty.

as they get bigger i found that some cfl's hanging low and to the side as well as above helped. i wasn't able to hang them all around so i just turned the plants once in awhile.
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