Citizen 90CRI - 3000K COB

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I am currently using a King Plus 1000w Double Chip LED Grow Light Full Spectrum.
I have a 4x4x8 grow tent that I am currently using to grow vegetables and 1 Blue Blood in.
I am wanting to build 4 COB led lights with a limited budget and I am a new to COB leds. The cobs will be used both in veg and flowering. These are the parts that I am thinking about:

4 x Citizen CLU048-1818 90CRI - 3000K gen 6 - $96.00
4 x Ideal holder for Citizen CLU048 series and Luminus CXM22 - $14.00
4 x 133mm Passive Pin-fin heatsink (for CLU048/CXM22/Vero 29) - black - $76.00
4 x LEDiL Angelina reflector for CREE CXB and Citizen CLU048 using Ideal holders - $22.00
I was thinking the MeanWell HLG-320H-54B Driver @ - $110.00 would possibly be good.

The Citizen COB product sheet stated "CLU-1818 Voltage: Min. 47.8 Typ. 52.0 Max 56.2."
47.8 v * 1.4 a = 66.92 watts each * 4 = 267.68 total watts
52 v * 1.4 a = 72.8 watts each * 4 = 291.2 total watts
56.2 v * 1.4 a = 78.68 watts each * 4 = 314.72 total watts

Should we get driver be able to handle the maximum constant current? The MeanWell HLG-320H-54B Driver max constant current is 54 V.
The 54B is also greater than 314 watts the maximum total watts if it was able to use the max 56.2 volts.

The 54B would allow me to daisy chain the 4 COBs which i was planning on doing.
I was wanting to be able to go close to the plants when they are dimmed and be able to raise them to cover more area.

This set up would cost me $361.94 (shipping included) but not including a frame or the 100k Potentiometer.
Should I just get 1 COB ($201.11 total with shipping) with the stated driver which would allow me to upgrade to 4 in the future?
I have enough money to get 1 COB at $201.11 or should I just wait till I have enough money to get all of the 4 COBs $362.
Individual frames for each light or one frame even though it has only a single light if I get only 1 COB right now?

Edit: I will be trying the set up without the reflectors before I install them onto the COBS.
Citizen CLU048-1212 90CRI GEN5 - 3000K x 4 would save me $120 for the COBs \ lower driver.
I am still researching what the 1818s advantages over the 1212 are.

Looks like they are the same just 1818 is priced more.
I have decided to go with Citizen CLU048-1212 90CRI GEN5 - 3000K - $36.00
MeanWell HLG-185H-C1400B Driver (Constant Current) - $54.00
For a total of $241.94 (not including a frame or the 100k Potentiometer)