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City Expands Moratorium on Marijuana Clubs


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The Camarillo City Council extended a 45-day moratorium on the establishment or operation of medical marijuana clubs to one year.

The council unanimously approved extending the original moratorium by 10 months and 15 days, until June 11, 2009.

After receiving several requests concerning the operation of medial marijuana dispensaries, or cannabis clubs, along Ventura Boulevard in Old Town, the City Council needed to take some action. The city's municipal code has no law dealing with the issue.

The City Council had the option of extending the original moratorium or creating new laws.

City staff felt the initial 45 day period was not enough time to properly resolve the conflicts between federal and state law. Federal law prohibits any use or sale of marijuana, but the drug, when used for certain medicinal purposes, has been legal in California since 1996.

Simi Valley, Moorpark and Oxnard have adopted similar moratoriums, while the planning commission in Agoura Hills recently recommended that its City Council ban the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries.

According to a report by Assistant City Attorney Don Davis, about 140 California cities and 11 counties have adopted bans or moratoriums

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