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City Limits Medical Marijuana

Jim Finnel

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The Tulare City Council unanimously approved Tuesday limiting the number of marijuana dispensaries in town despite pleas from an advocacy group.

The vote was for allowing one marijuana dispensary per 25,000 residents.

Tulare currently has about 50,000 residents and two marijuana dispensaries.

The move at Tuesday night's Council meeting came at the recommendation of city staff, which had received inquiries regarding dispensaries leading them to believe more applications may be eminent. The recommendation was made to avoid having an overpopulation of dispensaries.

Tulare Mayor Craig Vejvoda said the dispensaries, one of which is located across the street from his insurance business office, are needed because they provide a service. He also said that the dispensary is not terribly busy.

Rick Morse, president of the Tulare County Chapter of the Americans for Safe Access, said that's part of his argument. There is a limited number of locations where patients can go. "We need competition," he said.

Morse said allowing more dispensaries would also lead to competition benefiting patients. Morse asked the council to allow a marijuana dispensary per 12,500 residents.

Before council members voted, Morse also urged them to include a time limit element so more information could be presented.

After the vote, Morse criticized it.

"I think it was based on fear," he said. "It wasn't an informed decision."

Commenting on the city's contention that there would be an overpopulation of marijuana dispensaries, Morse said such businesses have to be run by non-profit organizations and only provide a service.

He also said if more dispensaries were allowed, only the ones that provide the best services would remain open.

Those that don't provide good service would go out of business, he said.

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