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City Officials Prohibit Medical Marijuana Dispensation


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The City Council voted to amend a zoning ordinance involving tattoo parlors, pawnshops and smoke paraphernalia stores that may want to come to Moorpark. Officials also voted to forbid medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.

Other than one existing smoke shop in Moorpark, city officials want to remain proactive and protect the welfare of the community in case future applications arise, said Barry Hogan, deputy city manager.

The new rules clarify where pawnshops, tattoo parlors and smoking paraphernalia establishments can be located within the city, he said.

With nothing on the books for medical marijuana dispensaries, the City Council decided to forbid the clinics which operate at the edge of the law.

Although medical cannabis clubs are legal in California, federal laws still outlaw the possession or sale of marijuana, for medical or any other purpose so clubs may be raided by federal authorities.

California's law legalizing medical marijuana clubs originated with the passage of Proposition 215 in 1996. The California medical marijuana initiative, also known as the Compassionate Use Act removed criminal penalties imposed for personal use possession and cultivation of medical marijuana by patients who have a physician's recommendation.

The local ordinance, passed unanimously by the council last week, adds Moorpark to the growing list of California cities that have opted to block medical cannabis clubs in recent years.

Both Councilmembers Roseann Mikos and Keith Millhouse said they empathize with terminally ill patients who may depend on the drug to alleviate symptoms.

"It's unfortunate that some people abuse medical marijuana dispensaries, forcing cities to forbid them while some people who are terminally ill rely on the drug to feel better," said Millhouse.

Patient advocates who support the dispensaries argue that cities should work to regulate them rather than ban medical marijuana altogether because the drug helps people who legally use prescribed marijuana to ease pain related to ailments such as cancer and glaucoma.

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Author: Sylvie Belmond
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