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CKS Northern Lights day 49 - Pistils won't turn to buds


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Lighting- 4, 60 Watt Soft White, CFL
Schedule-24/0, and started 20/4 last night
Nutes- 2-7-7 Cactus Nutes
Strain- CKS, Northern Light AutoFem
Medium- Scotts Hydronex, 3 gallon pot
Water every 3-4 days until pot feels light

So I am on day 49 (week 6) from seed with this autoflower, and it just stopped vertical growth about 4 days ago at 2 1/2 feet. There are bud sights everywhere with white pistils, but the pistils are not abundant and some are even turning color already. The cola isn't very hairy either. No noticeable growth for a few days now. I just switched the lighting from 24/0 to 20/4 last night. I thought it would be farther along at this point, and I am beginning to think I may have to switch it to 12/12 soon because the buds just are not forming.

So the advice I would like to get is being that this girl is so tall (doesn't look like any other NL I've seen) should I wait until the 60 day mark to switch to 12/12 as a last resort? Or is this a late bloomer and I am being impatient. I wish I could post a pic, but that's not possible at the moment (maybe later.)


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Re: CKS Northern Lights day 49, Pistils won't turn to buds.

OK, so I started some of the same seeds as you have at approx. the same time..They are in 1 gal pots,,soon to move to 5 gal are around 18" high and have the same white pistils all over them as you do. I was using a 1000 watt mhl & 4 led grow spots[ total 3 NL & 5 Bubba Kush],,to-day switched over to 20/4 and changed the mhl to a 250 watt cfl...so I think that [a] 4 @ 60w cfl aren't enough and the plants are stretching to get to the light [how many plants?] and be patient.. the pistils will turn into buds and [c] move to 18/6. I would wait a while before going 12/12.
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