CKS Review - Purple Kush - CandyCane - 2nd Grow

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Hey there all, just wanted to share my experience with CKS, the first time I bought a pack I bought 5 black indica I had 100% germination rate and while my yield wasnt the largest cause im still learning the quality was still there and I was overall very happy with the outcome, so I decided to head to the local store here to purchase some more for my next shot, this time I figured I would pick up purple kush to grow for my significant other for medical reasons, I only had 2 of the 5 seeds germinate and contacted CKS about this , they were more than helpful and sent me a small care package in the mail including a brand new pack of purple kush seeds...I must say I am very impressed with their customer service and will be purchasing from them for a long time to come. Kudos

Anywho, while I was waiting for my package to arrive, I decided to go back to the local store and pick up another pack and drop a couple more seeds, seeing as how it has been a couple weeks since I put the PK down I decided to pick up an autoflower strain and went with CandyCane , hoping I can switch to flower at the same time now. I will post a few pics in the days and weeks to come of my progress, any advice or tips are welcome as im still learning .

Cheers, Ghanj.
Good choices! I'm a fan of the Candy Cane. It can get nice and big and the ones I've grown have been very resilient, I topped 2 of 3 without issue. I topped 1 twice and the other once. The one I didn't top grew a VERY large single, center cola. It can be a little branchy sometimes. The one I topped once has been my favorite size/structure but that doesn't mean you'll necessarily have the same experience. The one I topped twice grew 4 big colas at the end of 4 VERY long branches that had to be tied up but it was in the summer and was pretty heat stressed.

One thing I can recommend with the Candy Cane, it's an autoflower so I would plant it in the pot you intend to harvest from. I've made the mistake of transplanting and causing growth to stunt for a little while. You'd rather have it grow the whole time. Also, mine have preferred a little bit softer feeding, like 1/2-3/4 strength of the recommended GH liquids.

Good luck and Have fun!
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Here is my first update, photos of week 1 and 2 of the PK, the 2 candy cane I germinated popped through the soil this morning and I will have a pic of one of them next week, Im only going to take a picture of one plant from each strain for now until I notice anything odd or wrong with one of the plants. Also sorry about the first photo, I left the LED's on and it messed with the photo lighting, wont make that mistake again :thumb:

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Not sure if I should be worried about the curling on those 3leafs or not, all the new growth seems fine , im not sure if its deformity from growing or from nutes. Im using my own compost soil mixture(eggshells,banana peel fishbone ect) mixed with ProMix(blue label) and some vermiculate, soil pH is about 6.6 and im watering with nute water with a pH of about 6.3 im using distilled water mixed with FF Big Bloom and Molasses. they are currently in 1.5 Gal pots, will be transplanting to 3gal cloth pots in a couple weeks.
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Second update!

I have topped and LST'ed one of my PK the other im waiting a bit cause it doesnt look too healthy, I will post a picture of it, any advice on what the problem could be is greatly appreciated..the rest of my plants all look nice and healthy except this one, im thinking its nute burn of some form and that I should probably flush. Anyways im also including a picture of my full grow area, the 4 plants on each side are random seeds that I started 2 weeks before the PK and have been LST'ing quite a bit to let the PK catch up. Im pretty sure the strain is some variation of blueberry and girl scout cookies, only going by what I was told so that could be completely wrong. Anyways , thanks for sticking around and following and stay around til the end!

Not sure whats wrong with this girl, yellowing and what looks like burning/bubbling on newer leaves.

PK #1 , shes going nice a strong, stem on this thing is insane for its age.

CandyCane, Shes a week old now :D looking nice!

The grow space, the floor can be lowered about 3 feet when I flower. Once again the two on each side are random seeds and im not 100% on the strain.
HOW CLOSE ARE YOUR LIGHTS IT LOOKS TO EITHER Light IT A LITTLE TO CLOSE cause it to get a little hot or you are right about your nut I only use about 1/4 to maybe 1/2 what it calls for. you can always add more a little at a time I use some of the nuts from a company I am sorry but I make must of my own. But that my thoughts or opinion on it but everybody has one I wish you the best of luck it looks good other than your leafs tip are curling up a little and look like there was a yellow spot on one of the leaves. I wish you the best of luck I grow a few on the inside but I grow most outdoors have better luck if the thieves don't find them. PEACE AND KEEP IT GREEN ALWAYS


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Keep an eye on those Candy Canes. CKS had an issue where they are not auto flowering properly. Mine and a few others turned out to be regular photo plants and now I have monster Candy Cane plants.
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Good to know, I hope that isnt the case with these as I planted them later than the rest on purpose >< . I did buy the seeds locally and not direct from CKS so it might be a diff batch, who knows. I'll keep an eye on it. As for JWCJLC I dont think its a heat issue from the lights , my other plants are closer and are fine. I really think its a Nute problem or maybe even PH somehow, bad chunk of soil perhaps.
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Has anyone ever tried a countdown flip? Ive been reading a few things on it and wondering if anyone has produced various results doing this. So , as you all know in nature the sun does not go from 18hrs of light in a day to 12 naturally anywhere. So the theory is rolling back your hours over the span of a week or two until you hit 12 to ease the plants into their flowering cycle better. Examples - After 4 weeks of veg you enter a preflower week where you reduce the amount of light by an hour each night cycle, or two weeks of preflowering where you would reduce an hour of light every second night in night cycle. Thoughts??
I've heard of plenty of people messing with light cycles to encourage autos to flower, including Torst(?) and crew who got the bunk, non-auto Candy Canes (I hope they are in fact candy cane though, I REALLY like the smoke off these plants).
I don't think you run the risk of hermies from changing them to 12/12 ESPECIALLY if you ease the transition as you described.

@Torst is right though, don't overthink it.
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Update time, were now at week 4 of the PK and week 2 of the CC week 6 of randoms. Noticed lots of growth this week had to LST the randoms a couple times to keep levels even, gave them a shot of calmag during feeding this week it really seemed to help , im going to be transplanting all besides the CC this weekend or early next week to their final pots. PK#2 recovered nicely and is growing well and greening out. sorry about the quality of the photo I really need a new camera >< :Namaste:

Hey there. My first post and pic attempt. A few thoughts on what i do. On my flowering i do 18/6,then for flower 2 days 16/8, 2 days 14/10,then 12/12. the one plant looks like the claw.sum plants are sensitive to the nutes.i always leave it alone.keep it somewhat dry,mist with water 4 times a daycan take up to a month to adjust, but when they do you will see a plant grow like no other.mine always ketchup with the rest! im doing pk and ck as well as a few idea on transplanting is your transplant should be going into a better place, more room etc...mine usually love being transp. so keep that in one pic is a crown royal i transplanted last night from 5 gal to a18 gallon tote,other pic is a pk i topped twice, it is quite the grower,it started out as a mutant looking lef one with the biggest first leves ive ever seen.and my candy cane is just starting to flower.they all were put in paper towel 60 days ago. i dont think autos like lst.anyways good luck to us all as there are so many things to learn and know and that can and will go wrong. its really only through our mistakes, trials, experaments, and challanges that we really learn.not nessasaraly so much when things are going good.take pluggn away in really an outdoor guy so, im already getn excited for that.growing trees.
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Well, getting close to finishing veg stage now, transplanted and flushed this week and noticed lots of growth and improvement over the past few days. Another week , maybe 2 and im going to be switching the lights.