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Nothing like the taste of fresh bud out of clean glass. I smoke 1 hit at a time and I'm looking for a small, handy very easy to clean water pipe ... I smoke all day long and I'd like to be able to clean the pipe after every 3-4 hits w/o it being a hassle. The old Toker and Toker II were good examples but the only ones like them I see now a days have a carb hole that's too small and are made out of very thin glass. I'd also like the pipe to be made out of heavy glass. Could anyone point me towards a pipe they have or know of that might work for me ... if ya got a picture or a link that would be great ... I'd love to buy one online.
Thanks ... :thumb:

I currently use a small wood pipe but the lungs are asking for a break ... :tokin:


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I use alcohol and salt to clean my glass, or I should say my wives. The alcohol act as a tar, resin soot remover, and the salt basically act as an abrasive, like sandpaper. Just soak your pipes in alcohol, or bongs, time does not rally matter, although it can help with extremely dirty smokeware, like for several hours or overnight. Then get the salt out, pour out dirty alcohol, add clean alcohol, and salt, salt usually first, fill up the chamber about half way, add alcohol, cover all holes. and shake the salt alcohol solution around. Do this a few times and I guarantee most if not all of the resin will be scrubbed away. For those hard to reach spots, use a Q-Tip with a little salt and Alcohol, and your pipe should come out just,almost like new! Remember to rinse smoking apparatus with bery hot sink water after each application of the salt and alcohol. The hot water along with the other two ingredients makes sure all the nastiness get;s washed away. Been doing this for years, and it works as well if not better than the marketable, overpriced products you can buy at most head shops or through High Times. Plus 70% isopropyl alcohol is not dangerous, unless you drink it of course, or God forbid you try smoking before the alcohol has been rinsed right and the smoking apparatus dried well enough. SINCERELY, JAMESTHEGREEN. I would not recommend smoking out of wood, or metal, except as a last resort, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!!!


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Not sure how you users want a natural high but still use harsh chemicals to clean out your pieces. Will never understand this.
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