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Cleaning my system before my baby is born


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I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I started to smoke pot because I read it helps with nausea and pain. I did work pretty good for me but I've been judged by many ignorants for this. I stop smoking a week ago because my midwife who hasn't helped at all with any of my problems or discomforts said that my son could be taken away if one of us test positive for thc. I've been researching and I read that green tea and cranberry juice help but I'm not sure how to do it. I don't know how many cups of each thing a day I need to drink so I was wondering if there's anyway you can help me go through this since you have experience and obviously know what your doing. I'm planing on having my child in NY and I know they don't play around. So if there's anything you can you do help me please give me some advice.



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Drink as much water, green tea, juice as you can to help. However, your chance are slim due to the fact that THC stays in the fat cells, and also your child inside share the same blood/fluid and s/he have some THC stored in the fat cells too. Really hard to say if you'll pass but can't hurt to try. Still got plenty of time so work hard at it.
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