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Cleaning Off Heavy Wall Plaster Contamination On My Bud


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Hello there!
I'm a newbie with an expert problem.
My outside grow got heavily covered with the wall plaster dust, when the workers were fixing things in my kitchen and left the door open. It's nearly harvesting time and i dont know how to deal with it. I was hoping the rain would wash it, but that hardly helped. To take it off, you have rub it wet and hard, and everythind else comes off with it. Just now I've tried a bud washing technique (water with soda and lemon juice, hot water, cold water) found on these forums with some positive results, but still not enough to call it smokable. I'm looking for an expert advice on what could be done and in which ways i can use the harvest if the dust is not to go off. Now, consider the plants heavily covered all over with white wall residue. All - from leaves do buds!
Thanx in advance!


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Most plaster and joint compound is water soluble.

Trichomes are sticky, so you're going to need to do A LOT of bud washing to remove it. A lot of water changes, and a couple hours of work should clean it all up I imagine.

Using distilled water should help a little more. You want as little dissolved solids in the water as possible, so it can more effectively dissolve the plaster. So no lemon juice, no baking soda, nothing... just water.


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Are you sure it is not powdery mildew? When you say it's covered from top to bottom that makes me think it is pm. I'm not even sure someone could tell the difference with just the naked eye.

Oh yeah...... WELCOME!!!!!!


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The water method definetely does good, but still doesn't make it smokable, unless you brush it. It also washes off a lot of good stuff.
I'm sure it's not powdery mildew, since they got all covered in just 1 day. Green in the morning - white by the evening.
Seems like no easy way out of this!
What could I do with it without washing?
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