Cleaning urine ?


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well the link didnt work for me...but anyways chances are it will not work man..most of the commercial detox drinks they sell arent made to cleanse the body of thc..they are made to get rid of all other sorts of toxins in your body for a healthier body functions....

that being said..i suggest you try doing it the natural way...

cranberry juice/pills
lots of juices
and lots and lots of water
plus lots of excersize/sweating

is the way to success...i wouldnt count on just taking a detox product and being safe man you always have to use precations...


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i know ppl who passed using the cleaner stuff. but they quitted for quite a few days beforehand, like maybe a whole week!!
that part sounds really hard. blaaaaaaaaaaaaah


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If you know you have a test coming up just quit smoking for a couple weeks and drink plenty of water, but a drink just in case but you can buy a self test online for about 6 bucks, take it the night before and if you pass you are good. A lot less expensive than buying a 40-50$ drink.
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