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Clear cloudy amber.... I thought I had it figured out.


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Hi All,

I've been lurking and reading for quite a long time, and I seem to be in that twilight zone of sorts. Here's my problem. Of course I've been reading over a year now. Naturally, the closer I get to the right time, the more different, or odd or downright questionable information seems to flow from my search engine.... So I have a question for experienced growers.

I understand the basics of clear vs cloudy vs amber, color is color. I'm not that blind yet :laugh2:
And I understand the cloudy-heady amber-couchy bit. After reading a different site earlier, one person noted that amber trichs are indicative of THC converting or degrading to CBN. Not CBD as I see stated everywhere. The post pointed out that the CBDs are there or not from the seed. Since I'm growing medicine, that was a nice wake up slap. Luckily I don't specificially need high CBD since I have limited access to starters. So I am going to dispense with the acronym soup and keep it real.

So, I've smoked my share in my youth, and having had a taste of several new strains lately, it's like trying to find the right cigar or wine. Now, if I am after what I call the 'warm blanket feeling', not couch lock, is that a sativa vs indica trait only? Or does that have anything to do with trich color? The banter I was reading before basically boiled down to clear/cloudy=highest thc, any amber was the begining of a buzz labotomy.

So if I haven't maybe trainwreck, and perhaps cheese, I could anticipate sativa fun with the tw, but would letting it go amber (30-50 seems the consensus) gain a warm blanket feeling, or just flatten things? And, if the cheese is cheesy, would it still retain the warm blanket feeling if it were pulled clear/cloudy with no amber?

Thanks for any insights ya might have.

With everything that's happened I should call her Audie Murphy.


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Thanks but that's basically a whole different discussion. To venture down that tangent a step, I will say that I dismiss the notion of 'medical' vs recreational unless we're talking specific strains that are bred and lab tested for specific content levels.

Beyond that, it's all weed. And therein lies my question. The guy on my left shoulder says just suck it up and find out for myself, cause that's just how it works. The guy on my right shoulder says a question won't hurt and reminds me I don't have the luxury of time or resources to grow out multiple strains and do a lot of my own testing. In the end, time will dictate when anyway, not the plant, not for this dance.


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Hey. Has anyone seen a piece of lung? It's about this big :5:

It appears that I've found the answer to my seemingly esoteric question. :21: I will call it initially that it is sativa vs indica. Wow is that like as noob as it sounds? I hope not, but it does sound kind of captain obvious. But when one is searching for specifics, particularly regarding treatment for someone dear, well.

So, if this happens to turn up in some search five, ten years from now, I made a huge contribution to pseudo science today by taking a sample from Audie. A quick dry @200f/30min in the toaster oven and it was a bit too dry probably. This was taken several nodes down on a very low branch so it was less mature than the image above. If I understand things correctly, this is mid or lowest quality I can expect. Over the next 5 minutes, someone came in and wrapped a nice warm blanket over my shoulders and I have my answer.

Compared to the bought tw that has almost 0 body effect, this is a home run. Audie is a hybrid that looks indica. Next to her, the hybrid looks quite sativa. I can relax now since I know Audie has what I'm after. Murphy, being cheese, she'll get all the time she needs to get nice and big. Maybe when the sativa is ready I'll find something different, but for now. I won't let Audie go very amber if at all, since the warm fuzzy isn't couch lock and my Mom doesn't want CL. But I know she'll love this. :yummy:

Thanks for the reads ya'll.
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