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Clinic Offers Puff of Relief for Chronically Ill


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According to the report, the clinic began giving the drug to suffering patients about six months ago. By Israeli law, marijuana can legally be used as a medicine if a patient obtains a special license from the Health Ministry.

The drug is approved only for patients with cancer, AIDS or Crohn's Disease (a chronic gastro-intestinal illness), and aims to help ease the chronic pain they suffer from the illnesses or as side-effects of treatments for the diseases. The clinic - which the Health Ministry has refused to identify publicly, reportedly either to prevent protests or to keep criminal elements away - gives out the drug in small, controlled quantities when a patient presents their license.

One cancer patient said the ministry's decision to offer the drug through the clinic was "a blessing," saying it prevents suffering patients from being driven to buy the drug illegally. The patient said more doctors and the Israel Cancer Association should be made aware of the therapeutic, pain-relieving benefits of marijuana, and not regard it solely as an undesirable and harmful illegal drug.

A spokesman for the cancer association said it was true that the drug could reduce painful side-effects for some patients undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments, and the organization would consider adding information about this to its website.

Source:Jerusalem Post (Israel)
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Marijuana has helped me considerably. I have UC (Ulcerative Colitis) this is very similiar to Crohns Disease only in a different intestine. Pot helps reduce the pain and to stop nausea so i can eat to maintain my health. i have been repeatedly in and out of hospitalization because of dehydration and anemia. while i was in and out of the hospital i lost my current job and couldn't afford my current medication, this was the main reason i researched other remedies. my friend happens to not like the FDA so she self medicates with herbal remedies (like she uses strong mint leaves to help her sinuses). i was also on many medications to try to control the disease, one of them being Azathioprine, this drug actually reduces your white blood cell count making me more vurnerable to everything else besides what my body was already trying to fight, an infection that had started in my intestine. before that i was constantly on and off of another drug called prednisone, this drug made me sick to my stomach constantly so again i was hospitalized for dehydration. obviously ive changed doctors and took the advice of my friend about marijuana. now all im taking is a anti-inflammatory drug with almost no side effects and i smoke twice a day. Marijuana so far is the only thing that has helped me completely without horrible side effects that plunge me into another 3 or so months of recouperation. So far since i started smoking i havent been in the hospital since last june. Thats almost 6 months! :smoke2:
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